2018 Episodes

Episode 149: Slash Dance (1989)

Episode 148: Idle Hands (1999)

Episode 147: Uninvited (1988)

Episode 146: Sleepwalkers (1992)

Episode 145: Dracula 2000 (2000)

Episode 144: Wrong Turn 6 (2014)

Episode 143: Silver Bullet (1985)

Episode 142: Chopping Mall (1986)

This week, we're talking about killer robots! No, sorry, we're not discussing Robocop 2. Or Terminator 2. Or Blade Runner. Or The Matrix. No, we're getting it on in the mall furniture store with Chopping Mall from 1986! Full disclosure, we're the ones awkwardly watching old Roger Corman flicks on the tv and clutching a pillow to our laps while our friends make weird squishy sounds. They deserve to get murdered by killbots, those dirty birdies. While not quite a lost episode, this is the second time Matt and Scott have discussed this film, and this round is arguably more coherent, so you're welcome? If you know what's good for you, you'll listen to Horror Movie Night. THANK YOU, HAVE A NICE DAY.

Episode 141: Troll (1986)

Episode 140: Demon Wind (1990)

Episode 139: Bugged (1997)

We are joined this week by Podcast Brother Brian Kelly as we discuss Troma's attempt at an urban giant killer bug movie. The film has the look and feel of a film shot on a weekend but if you love seeing guys acting with an immobile bug puppet than have we got good news for you. We discuss 1997's BUGGED on this week's HORROR MOVIE NIGHT!

Episode 138: Killer Party (1986)

Episode 137: Slaughter High (1986)

Episode 136: Death Spa (1989)

Episode 135: Bad Moon (1996)

Episode 134: Seedpeople (1992)

Episode 133: Carnosaur 2 (1995)

Episode 132: X-Ray a.k.a. Hospital Massacre (1981)


Episode 131: Hard Rock Zombies (1985)

Episode 130: The Gate (1987)

Episode 129: The Howling VI: The Freaks (1991)

Episode 128: The Wraith (1986)

Episode 127: American Gothic (1987)

This week on Horror Movie Night we straight up beat the love of God into our guest co-host Kyle Kuchta while we discuss 1987's American Gothic. The film is ... shockingly damn good. You guys didn't make us suffer (yet) for the first listener submitted film of 2018. So join us in examining what can happen when you decide to take a 2nd honeymoon with your obnoxious friends to help your wife get over murdering your child. Spoiler Alert... it goes badly this week on HORROR MOVIE NIGHT!

Episode 126: The Guyver (1991)