Episode 288: Superstition (1983)


Do you hear that? Is that... Stevie Wonder? That funky bassline can only mean one thing - we're delving into SUPERSTITION (1982) this week! Somehow this one flew under the radar for all three of your hosts and this is a rare first-time watch for us all. Don't misunderstand, this movie is not good, but damn is it a fun ride.

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Quote of the Episode:

"I'll play my cards early on this one, I had a blast watching this movie" - Matt

More Forgotten 80's Films

Do you like Dream Warriors? Of course you do! That doesn't necessarily mean you'll enjoy this movie, but you'll at least enjoy the movie it copied. This week, we're talking about BAD DREAMS (1988) which boasts a (b-level) star-studded cast, a threadbare script and BLOOD SHOWERS FOR EVERYBODY. Come on in, it's a perfect 98 degrees!

This week, we're talking about zombie cops who shoot a lot of guns and get into car chases... But the more surprising part is that this was a Scott pick - the guy known to complain about all of these tropes any chance he can get! DEAD HEAT (1988) is one of those movies that sounds ridiculous on paper and is legitimately ridiculous on film, but somehow manages to be a total blast to watch. Plus it's got Vincent Price! What's not to love?

Somewhere in the late 80s, someone snorted so much blow that they got the insane idea to do a slasher in the most mundane setting they could think of: the grocery store. And it worked perfectly! INTRUDER (1989) is somehow a cult movie that never found its cult following, and it's shame because it's fantastic, well-shot, stylish, and has some incredible gore. Plus both Raimi brothers AND Bruce Campbell! Oh and Emilio Estevez's sister. What more could you ask for??