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Life Synopsis

Okay um I’m a 27 year old extremely awkward guy struggling with severe anxiety. I recently started to succeed in life now that memes make anxious introverts socially acceptable. I love slasher films and if I made a list of my favorite horror movies it would just piss people off (the list would include The Town that Dreaded Sundown and Trick R Treat). But to describe myself simply, I’m a nerdy awkward guy that desperately wants to be cool. I’m like a Corey Matthews that wants to be Shawn Hunter, a Ross Geller that wants to be Joey Tribbiani, a Matt Kelly that wants to be Scott Roger, you get the idea.

Worst Film on Brian's List

Episode 139: Bugged! (1997)

"I am so miserable when I watch these movies and then as soon as we're done recording I'm like 'yea I'll do this next week'"