Episode 109: Shocker (1988)


Take all the good stuff you loved about A Nightmare on Elm Street, put it in a pile, and then light it on fire, THEN use all the stuff that you didn't love and make a piece of crap with an electric ghost and you still might have made a better film that Wes Craven provided in his flop Shocker (1988). We can't decide if it makes it better or worse that the man who gave us Freddy tried to burden us with Horace Pinker the serial-killer-turned-electricity-Gremlin, but the experience is made somewhat bearable by a swearing child and sweet hair metal theme song. Be careful what you stick in the light socket this week on Horror Movie Night, you pervs!

Film Trailer

Shocker (1988) Details

Directed by Wes Craven
Produced by

Warren Chadwick
Wes Craven
Bob Engelman
Peter Foster
Shep Gordon
Barin Kumar
Marianne Maddalena

Written by Wes Craven

Michael Murphy
Peter Berg
Cami Cooper
Mitch Pileggi

Music by

Paul Stanley
Desmond Child
Michael Bruce
Alice Cooper
William Goldstein

Cinematography Jacques Haitkin
Edited by Andy Blumenthal
Alive Films
Distributed by Universal Pictures
Release date

October 27, 1989

Running time
110 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $5 million
Box office $16.6 million

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