Episode 112: Street Trash (1987)

Street Trash (1987) Rundown

Thanks to multiple misguided emails about how amazing it is, we were forced to discuss the incredibly tasteless body melt pastel extravaganza Street Trash (1987). Matt and Adam took no heed of Scott’s many warnings and now feel dirtier for having watched this pile of cinematic garbage. The director wanted to make something offensive to everyone and succeeded spectacularly... If you genuinely like this movie, please seek help. We’ll be bathing in Purell and bleach - join us, why don’t you, this week on Horror Movie Night.

Street Trash (1987) Trailer

Street Trash (1987) Details

Street Trash (1987) Movie Poster
Directed by J. Michael Muro
Produced by Roy Frumkes
Written by Roy Frumkes

Mike Lackey
R. L. Ryan
James Lorinz
Vic Noto

Music by Rick Ulfik

Street Trash Joint Venture
Lightning Pictures

Distributed by Lightning Pictures
Release date

September 16, 1987

Running time
101 minutes
Country United States
Language English


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