Episode 125: Bloody New Year (1987)


There are so few New Years horror movies that you really only have a handful of options, so this year we went with the one that arguably had the best cover art, 1987's bizarre Bloody New Year! If you ever wondered what a full length Twilight Zone movie with the budget of a single episode and a disco ball full of high-grade coke would look like, then look no further. This film has a science experiment gone awry, 50s time warp (replete with sexy stockings...what? Don't look at me like that) and more loose ends than an old rug. So basically, perfect fodder for our show. Get your seams straight and join the part for the last Horror Movie Night episode of 2017!

Film Trailer

Film Details

Bloody New Year
Directed by Norman J. Warren
Written by Frazer Pearce, Hayden Pearce
Starring Suzy Aitchison
Nikki Brooks
Daniel James
Music by Nick Magnus
Cry No More
Cinematography John Shann
Edited by Carl Thomson
Lazer Entertainment
Distributed by Target International
Release date

11 May 1987

Running time
93 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English