Episode 133: Carnosaur 2 (1995)


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"I have no clue why I was adamant we HAD to talk about this movie" - Matt

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You know you're from the Midwest when you're more disgusted watching a man eat a raw ear of corn like a goddamn savage than by the insane corn monster swallowing teenagers whole. Our 3rd listener submitted pick is CHILDREN OF THE CORN III: URBAN SACRIFICE (1995), and good lord is this movie good! This is 100% USDA organic HMN perfection in celluloid form, and we just can't say enough nice things about it. If you haven't seen it, THIS is the one that gets the show stamp of approval! Though we're left to wonder if Screaming Mad George has ever actually SEEN an ear of corn...

Take one parts Golden Girls, mash crudely with Evil Dead 2 and garnish with a bit of Tales From the Crypt, and you get this week's listener pick - 1995's The Granny! It's no Sunset Boulevard, but it does feature a once-famous actress in the titular role swearing gratuitously, huge 90s bangs, a Playboy Playmate, castration, death by fur coat, and wrestling puns. That should be enough to get anyone interested, right?? Bring the prunes, cuz we're a little backed up this week on Horror Movie Night!

Lactose intolerant listeners, beware: this movie stinks more then your bedroom at night after drinking a whole milkshake... It's been far too long since our favorite weirdo has graced us with his onscreen presence, so we struggled through Clint Howard's "acting" in 1995's The Ice Cream Man. There's implied cannibalism, malpractice lawsuits everywhere, oh and Cool Chris from Punchline quoting the douchey older brother's best lines! Seriously, Chris Fafalios is our guest, and we're on our best behavior. Kinda. Get your oral fixation under control with a push pop or rocket pop and settle in for another creamy episode of Horror Movie Night!