Episode 176: Batman Returns (1992)


We haven't tackled any sex-crazed aliens in a while (ahem, Lifeforce) and thought it was high time we make it weird around here with the very uncomfortable and trippy 1982 British alien/monster movie XTRO. As you well know, every child in a horror movie is an insufferable brat who will get at least 1 person killed, but what you might NOT know is that the bratty kid here also trips balls on alien hickey goo (thanks Dad), sees murderous midget clowns, and sends full-size army men to kill his downstairs neighbor. There's a lot more to unpack here, and we do our best to wash off the dirtiness we each felt after viewing. If you're coming over, don't forget the snake eggs, they're our favorite!

Film Trailer

Quote of the Episode:

"It is THE best Batman Movie" - Brian