Episode 265: My Mom's a Werewolf (1988)


Why, listeners... why do you torment us with these garbage movies? I guess it's partially our fault for choosing this from the submissions, but we're not very good at taking responsibility for our lives and so we're going to heap the blame on you as we talk about the painfully boring MY MOM'S A WEREWOLF (1989), starring a toe-sucking, hairy-backed John Saxon! We're joined this week by 91 Donkey Lane cohost and comedian Robert Bacon, who for some reason decided not to bring an enchanted bauble to alleviate the pain of watching this movie, but at least he's funny (and doesn't look like an incel, we promise). If most werewolf movies are puberty analogies, this must be a menopause analogy, but that part of the script may have been lost.

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"Scott is Angry Today" - Brian

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It's time to do your civic duty and cast your ballot for a man who will keep his campaign promises, specifically if those include turning into a blood-thirsty lycanthrope and disemboweling crooked politicians. We dig deep into the vault for the 1973 horror comedy THE WEREWOLF OF WASHINGTON! Your hosts are joined this week by the illustrious Chris LaMartina, the mastermind behind one of our favorite recent flicks, the WNUF Halloween Special, and we get into some polite political discourse between riffing on the weird stuff that occurs in Werewolf of Washington (there's a lot). Scott also gets a little starstruck by Chris's film credits (heyyyy Call Girl of Cthulhu) - do you think the Pentagon is behind this??

Take everything you thought you knew about werewolves, and flip it upside down, because that's how you get to Australia, ya dummy! We're heading for a walkabout in the Outback with quite possibly the strangest lycanthrope movie we've yet seen, 1987's Ozploitation classic Howling lll: The Marsupials! Quick recap, Howling l shows the world that werewolves exist by having Dee Wallace transform on live TV; Howling ll has a lot of oiled up bodies and Cybil Danning looking like she's starring in a Manowar video, and Howling lll throws all that out the window and says, you know what? Werewolves are mystical creatures powered by the spirit of the extinct Tasmanian tiger. It gets weirder from there. Don't believe us? Guess you'll have to listen to the episode, in which Matt and Brian do pretty solid Aussie accents.

Brian's love of bad 70s exploitation/horror is well-known on the show, and this week he subjected his unsuspecting cohosts to 1971's WEREWOLVES ON WHEELS! There's a lot of riding motorcycles while intoxicated (tsk tsk) and satanic rituals, but not much actual werewolf action. Join us as we scratch our collective head at this weird movie, which Brian has NO shame about choosing!