Episode 274: My Best Friend's A Vampire (1987)


You ever get roped into watching a movie you think you're going to hate by that friend who always makes you watch questionable content? This week's movie is just like that, except the film in question is actually pretty damn good! We're talking 1987's MY BEST FRIEND IS A VAMPIRE, and it took all of 2 minutes of runtime to charm at least one of Matt's cohosts with a wet dream ripped right from his adolescence. This one deserves some more eyes on, so crack open a Bloodweiser and wear your sunglasses at night because it's... well, you know what it is...

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Quote of the Episode:

"His fat helper is basically a K-Mart Chris Farley" - Scott

More Vampire Films

For our second October anthology movie, Brian once again shows how inscrutable his tastes are by hitting us with 1971's ironically bloodless THE HOUSE THAT DRIPPED BLOOD. After Matt and Scott rip this one to shred, Brian explains that he plans to start his future children with this kind of movie on their horror journeys; so basically his kids won't be horror fans after all...

It's been a while since the last time we got to fawn over Phil Fondacaro's charm, so Brian did us the favor of picking THE CREEPS (1997), also known by the incredibly insensitive alternate title DEFORMED MONSTERS! Is this the worst acting we've ever seen on Horror Movie Night? Matt thinks so, but he also seems to forget about TERROR TOONS and DRIVE THRU... Watch as diminutive versions of the Universal Monsters terrorize people who took half of an acting class, possibly while drunk or half asleep. It's kind of like watching THE MONSTER SQUAD in the wrong aspect ratio. Or nothing like that at all, we can't tell anymore.

Full Moon Pictures is like the Bloodstone of cheesy horror, always dribbling out something to satisfy us at Horror Movie Night, and this week, we're talking SUBSPECIES (1991) with Jackie of Jersey Ghouls fame! The Draculas are out in force and we sort of talk about the film while enjoying each other's real-life company at Monster-Mania this March. Sink your fangs into our nubile, pasty flesh, we don't mind...