Episode 284: Fright Night (2011)


It's been far too long since we've discussed hot guys who want to tear your throat out and bathe their hideously large jaws in the hot crimson spray from your jugular on this show... Actually, we can't remember the last time we did that, so let's remedy it with sadly overlooked FRIGHT NIGHT (2011). As far as modern remakes go, this one is pretty damn good, and we try our best this week to go through all the reasons you should agree. Also buff Colin Ferrell, come on!

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Quote of the Episode:

"I've hated Evil Ed in the original Fright Night since the first time I saw it" - Scott

More Remakes

It's summertime and your HMN boys are downwind of something stinky, so of course we need to investigate. Following our noses, we stumble across the underappreciated 2005 remake of the Vincent Price classic HOUSE OF WAX. While we may not all agree on the merits of this film, we do agree that the practical effects and kills are delightfully gruesome. Also, props to whoever made Elisha Cuthbert look like a Plain Jane here... that is no small task. Wax poetic with us on the first episode of Year Five of Horror Movie Night!

The late 90s were a simpler time for Americans; we were cool with most of the world and could spend entire summers backpacking across Europe trying to do EXTREEEEEME stunts with our douchey friends and chase foreign tail without fear of incriminating photos being posted on social media. Plus, you could dress like a homeless person and still have a chance at getting laid (thanks Seattle). Yes, the 90s were pretty swell, unless you're Tom Everett Scott in 1997's An American Werewolf in Paris. Or really most of the movies he starred in during this time period. But he did get to make out with Julie Delpy and Liv Tyler, so he had that going for him. In any case, we tackle another questionable werewolf flick this week and spent more time discussing its soundtrack and quoting Dead Man on Campus than anything else, but longtime listeners will be completely unsurprised by this. Check your bungie apparatus, because it's time to get Eiffel Towered on Horror Movie Night!

It's Friday night, you're a high school football star, and you have a hot date with the pretty-but-takes-no-shit head cheerleader - what do you do?? Probably get eaten within the first 15 minutes by a mutated bacteria that was shot into space and has now crash-landed and gruesomely begun dissolving your friends one by one, that's what... If you haven't guessed, this week's film is none other than the fantastic 1988 remake of The Blob! For once, your hosts are in agreement that this movie rules, and spend most of the episode excitedly fawning over the gross ways the blob digests half the town. If you have the stomach for it, meet us at the local diner, but beware the clogged kitchen sink (that's totally not up to code and we hope they have an inspector come write them up once the blob-crystal cleanup is done but what if the inspector got killed in all of the commotion and now health violations will run rampant?) this week on Horror Movie Night!