Episode 286: Bad Dreams (1988)


Do you like Dream Warriors? Of course you do! That doesn't necessarily mean you'll enjoy this movie, but you'll at least enjoy the movie it copied. This week, we're talking about BAD DREAMS (1988) which boasts a (b-level) star-studded cast, a threadbare script and BLOOD SHOWERS FOR EVERYBODY. Come on in, it's a perfect 98 degrees!

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Quote of the Episode:

"I showed up today hoping to understand what this movie was about" - Brian

More Forgotten 80's Horror Films

This week, we're talking about zombie cops who shoot a lot of guns and get into car chases... But the more surprising part is that this was a Scott pick - the guy known to complain about all of these tropes any chance he can get! DEAD HEAT (1988) is one of those movies that sounds ridiculous on paper and is legitimately ridiculous on film, but somehow manages to be a total blast to watch. Plus it's got Vincent Price! What's not to love?

We're not HVAC guys, but we're pretty sure most apartment buildings don't have air ducts big enough for a full-grown man to skateboard on his stomach through, and yet, here we are, watching THE Klaus Kinski do just that. We're talking CRAWLSPACE (1986) this week, and are joined by Joey Pettine of the fantastic Dark Hills Events; Dark Hills is a horror live action roleplaying company that creates immersive events where you get to try surviving your favorite horror movies! He's also a great guy and friend of the show, and has an odd love for Klaus Kinski, the once-great Nosferatu in Werner Herzog's adaptation... who plays a Nazi scientist who kills his tenants in order to feel alive in this movie. It's a weird one for sure!

Another week, another obscure "Troma Presents" movie picked by Matt - this time, it's the inextricable MONSTER IN THE CLOSET (1986)! We couldn't get enough of young Paul Walker during TAMMY & THE T-REX, so we took a deeper dive with this one, in which a rubber suit monster with no backstory falls in love with K-Mart Clark Kent and dies trying to find a closet in which to consummate its desires. Think we're joking? Listen and find out!