Episode 296: Serial Mom (1994)


John Waters is the kind of writer/director who makes comedies for horror fans, but we rarely get a chance to talk about them because his notoriety far outweighs his actual filmography. Luckily, we have SERIAL MOM (1994) that's as close to straight up horror as Mr. Waters gets and therefore is fair game for the Kelly boys. It's got quotes, it's got murder, it's got Matthew Lillard. Of COURSE we're discussing it!

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Quote of the Episode:

"I don't even know what my first John Waters movie is" - Scott


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It's time to kiss 2020 goodbye like the malevolent spirit of a Eastern European despot stuck in a massive painting. To do so, we enlisted the services of GHOSTBUSTERS ll (1989) since it's technically a New Years Eve movie and we have already discussed NEW YEARS EVIL so we'll take what we can get here on the show.

This week, we're talking about zombie cops who shoot a lot of guns and get into car chases... But the more surprising part is that this was a Scott pick - the guy known to complain about all of these tropes any chance he can get! DEAD HEAT (1988) is one of those movies that sounds ridiculous on paper and is legitimately ridiculous on film, but somehow manages to be a total blast to watch. Plus it's got Vincent Price! What's not to love?

We try to keep it topical here on HMN, so this Thanksgiving we're going to really just beat you over the head with Scott's lifestyle choices as we discuss the phenomenal cult classic MOTEL HELL (1980). We discussed this way back in the first iteration of the podcast, but watching the fresh Blu-ray remaster really elevates everything beyond 80s nostalgia and splatter. As we all know, meat's meat and man's gotta eat, so dig in and happy Thanksgiving!