Episode 32: Pumpkinhead (1989)


Apparently, the guys didn't get enough backwater horror with their previous discussion of Jug Face, so they decided to rewatch 1988's alien-in-the-woods-no-wait-it's-a-demon-in-the-woods creature feature Pumpkinhead! Adam yells a lot while Matt and Scott commiserate on the first-class cinematography. Grab your dirt bikes, it's time to run some kids over on Horror Movie Night!

Film Trailer

Film Details

Directed by Stan Winston
Produced by Bill Blake
Written by

Stan Winston

Richard C. Weinman

Gary Gerani

Mark Patrick Carducci


Lance Henriksen

John D'Aquino

Kerry Remsen

Music by Richard Stone
Cinematography Bojan Bazelli
Edited by Marcus Manton
De Laurentiis Entertainment Group
Distributed by United Artists
(MGM/UA Communications Co.)
Release date

October 14, 1988 (Limited)

January 13, 1989

Running time
86 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Box office $4.4 million (US)