Episode 38: The Brain (1988)


All right, ya hosers, it's time to tighten that grip on your hockey sticks and Molsons, because the guys are traversing the wrinkles in the script of 1988's Canadian sci-fi horror romp The Brain! Ironically, Adam hates the fruit of his country's labors (well, maybe not that ironic, he hates everything), but at least Matt and Scott have some glowing praise for this low-budget, alien-filled car chase. The guys suggest crowd-funding the last $5 for The Brain's budget, so bring your loonies to Horror Movie Night!

Film Trailer

Film Details

Directed by Edward Hunt
Produced by Don Haig
Written by Story:
Barry Pearson
Starring Tom Bresnahan
Cynthia Preston
David Gale
Music by Paul Zaza
Cinematography Gilles Corbeil
Distributed by Brightstar Films
Release date

November 4, 1988

Running time
94 minutes
Country Canada
Language English