Episode 77: The Deadly Spawn (1983)


If the creeping dread of another Cold War hasn't quite hit you yet, the HMN boys will get you there with 1983's low budget, killer-alien-in-a-meteorite The Deadly Spawn! This homage (well, more pastiche, really) to the alien monster heyday of the 1950s spent all of its money on creature effects (which are awesome, despite what Adam may think) and then hired people off the street to get eaten by weird hungry tadpoles. Don't go in your swampy, disgusting basement, cuz it's Horror Movie Night, comrade!

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Film Details

The Deadly Spawn (1983)
Directed by Douglas McKeown
Produced by Ted A. Bohus
John Dods
Tim Hildebrandt
Written by Douglas McKeown
Starring Charles George Hildebrandt
Tom DeFranco
Richard Lee Porter
Jean Tafler
Karen Tighe
James Brewster
Elissa Neil
Ethel Michelson
John Schmerling
Music by Paul Cornell
Michael Perilstein
Kenneth Walker
Cinematography Harvey M. Birnbaum
Edited by Marc Harwood
Distributed by 21st Century Film Corporation
Release date
April 22, 1983
Running time
78 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $25,000