Episode 84: Project Metalbeast (1995)


Get this... *sniiiiiff* ok, a werewolf, right? With skin as strong as steel! A literal metal beast! Everyone in agreement? Great, let me call my dealer, we're going up need more snow than Aspen to film this... Is probably how storyboarding went for this week's movie, 1995's Project: Metalbeast. Of all the coke-fueled cinematic romps we've endured, this may be both the most absurd AND the most straightforward. Not necessarily a compliment in this context, but we make the most of it, as we always do, so prepare yourself for silver bullets, cryosleep and totally believable scentific advancement of skin graft technology on this episode of Horror Movie Night!

Film Trailer

Film Details

Project Metalbeast: DNA Overload
Directed by Alessandro De Gaetano
Produced by Frank Hildebrand
Timothy E. Sabo/Michael Carazza(co-producer)
Steve Gellman(co-associate producer)
Barbara Javitz(associate producer)
Lamar Card/Barry L. Collier/Penny Karlin (executive producer)
Written by Roger Steinmann
Timothy E. Sabo
Alessandro De Gaetano
Starring Barry Bostwick
Kane Hodder
Kim Delaney
Musetta Vander
Music by Conrad Pope
Cinematography Thomas L. Callaway
Edited by Kert Vandermeulen
Distributed by Prism Pictures/C/FP Video/Blue Ridge Entertainment
Release date


Running time
92 minutes
Country United States
Language English