Episode 87: Ice Cream Man (1995)


Lactose intolerant listeners, beware: this movie stinks more then your bedroom at night after drinking a whole milkshake... It's been far too long since our favorite weirdo has graced us with his onscreen presence, so we struggled through Clint Howard's "acting" in 1995's The Ice Cream Man. There's implied cannibalism, malpractice lawsuits everywhere, oh and Cool Chris from Punchline quoting the douchey older brother's best lines! Seriously, Chris Fafalios is our guest, and we're on our best behavior. Kinda. Get your oral fixation under control with a push pop or rocket pop and settle in for another creamy episode of Horror Movie Night!

Episode Ends with No Stopping Us off Punchline's album THRILLED

Film Trailer

Film Details

Directed by Norman Apstein
Produced by Paul Norman
Written by Sven Davison
David Dobkin
Starring Clint Howard
Olivia Hussey
Music by Richard Lyons
Distributed by A-Pix Entertainment Inc.
Ardustry Home Entertainment LLC
Release date


Running time
85 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $2,000,000