Episode 318: Slugs (1988)

For our third Listener Submitted Month pick, we get slimy with one of the most harmless but ultimately still gross bugs out there, the salt-despising American/Spanish splatterfest SLUGS (1988). What it lacks in quality ADR, it makes up for with buckets of blood and goo, exactly what one would expect from such a bluntly-titled movie. Grab your salad spinner for this episode of Horror Movie Night, you're going to need it!


Episode 317: Stepfather III (1996)

Continuing our Listener Submitted Month, we dive into a made-for-tv sequel that asks the question, "How much crime television should you let your wheelchair-bound child watch before they use MS Paint to figure out you're actually a face-swapped killer with two previous movies (and marriages) under your belt?" We're not sure, but we don't think THE STEPFATHER 3 (1992) truly answers the question, but it seems like its young protagonist will ace all of his STEM classes this year.


Episode 316: The Faculty (1998)

It's September and we have relinquished control of our movie picks to you for Listener Submitted Month, and we're kicking it off with some classic millennium horror as we discuss THE FACULTY (1999)! It's got high school cliques, it's got a heartthrob cast, it's got aliens, it's even got a killer soundtrack - what's there not to love? Class is in session and your teacher is killer!


Episode 315: An American Werewolf in London (1981)

Much has been said about AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON (1981) but not by ya boiz in HMN and since it's the 40 year anniversary of it, Matt decided it was the one and only time it'd be appropriate for our show. While the film and its creator are pretty problematic to put it nicely, AWIL is an important film for the genre and we tried our best to focus on that. And the lack of hanging dong, because of course.


Episode 314: Pterodactyl Woman from Beverly Hills

It's Troma but you'll never guess which Kelly Brother picked this week's movie: PTERODACTYL WOMAN FROM BEVERLY HILLS (1996)! Beverly D'Angelo somehow gives it her all in what is basically a Mad-Libs title, script and overall concept. She squawks, she talks (to whales), she has sex with her very accepting husband - this movie's got it all! Plus a lot of very uncomfortable redface. Quite a mixed bag, to be sure.


Episode 313: House by the Cemetery (1981)

We're heading back to that weird place where Spanish and American production companies go to make b-horror but boom mics are forbidden there... That's right, we're going to spend a night in THE HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY (1981), Fulci's final entry in his Gates of Hell trilogy! Surprisingly picked by Scott (but makes total sense once explained), we can definitely say we dig this one, six feet deep!


Episode 312: Attack of the Killer Tomaotes (1978)

We had a good run with a streak of good movies, but it's time to come back to reality and consider what it would be like to get mauled by fruit pissed off that humans keep calling them vegetables, dammit! We're talking the nigh-unwatchable cult classic ATTACK OF THE KILLER TOMATOES (1978) this week, and will be fining anyone who doesn't sing the title in their heads as they read it. Don't think we don't know which of you are posers, we know, and we're going to sing about it. Badly.


Episode 311: Shaun of the Dead (2004)

Horror comedies are typically polarizing, but we wanted to do some self-care this week and discuss one of the most well-loved ones and not worry about getting eaten alive by the Internet for once. We're shambling down to the Winchester for a pint with SHAUN OF THE DEAD (2004), as Brian continues his streak of picking actual good movies. This episode could also be titled "Compliments about Shaun of the Dead," just some fair warning there.


Episode 310: Wishmaster (1997)

Have you ever found a magic lamp, released the genie inside and considered ITS feelings before making your paltry little wishes?? Doubtful, you selfish jerks. We here at Horror Movie Night are considerate wishmakers, and would probably only get turned to stone or something by an evil djinn instead of having our faces eaten by magic snakes. We're talking WISHMASTER (1997) this week, and what a wonderfully dumb movie it is. If you like special effects and hate logical storytelling, this one's for you!


Episode 309: Invasion of the Saucer Men (1957)

If there's one thing aliens hate, it's sober humans... is the tagline that this week's movie should've gone with. Listen to us wrangle some little green rascals with Matt's pick of 1957's INVASION OF THE SAUCER MEN! It's chock full of all the things you loved about the 50s: wise guys, cool cars, casual misogyny and UFOs. Let's go necking!


Episode 308: You're Next (2011)

Come with us one decade into the past, when dead mom jokes were the epitome of horror comedy humor, and we wait out the home invasion sensibilities of YOU'RE NEXT (2011). Brian has been seemingly chomping at the bit to discuss this one, and Matt and Scott have no qualms with him picking something that ISN'T 70s grindhouse for once...


Episode 307: Death Machine (1994)

Ever wanted to see Brad Dourif in a steampunk horror movie? Well you're in luck because in 1994 such a film was produced. Apparently it was controversial for excessive violence which means that it's got Horror Movie Night written all over it! This week we look into the futuristic 2003 and see what happens when a mad scientist gets fired!

Episode 306: Vampire's Kiss (1988)

This week on the podcast Matt makes us suffer through the "acting" of Nic Cage. Somehow this film is the actors favorite performance of his but ultimate the film tries to be more "Symbolic" than it actually is.

Episode 305: Alice Sweet Alice (1976)

In our continued quest to finally discuss classic early slashers, we're back this week with the deliciously blasphemous Catholi-killer ALICE, SWEET ALICE (1976)! There's a lot going on in this one and it's got style for days, so we do our absolute best to go on tangent after tangent because we really just can't help ourselves. Let's kill some churchgoers and blame it on a child!

Episode 304: The Prowler (1981)

Some guys really don't take rejection well... Case in point, the killer in this week's episode where we discuss the classic Savini splatterfest THE PROWLER (1981)! It's graduation time and you know these 26 year old high school graduates just gotta get drunk and bump uglies, but sadly for them, the only penetration they'll be experiencing is a trench spike through the skull or a pitchfork through the ribs. Let's matriculate together on another episode of Horror Movie Night!

Episode 303: Mars Attacks (1996)

This week, Matt pleads his case to the court of public opinion on what film deserves the title of "Best Movie Made From a Short-Lived Trading Card Series" and subjects everyone to the wet fart of a CGI-fest that is MARS ATTACKS! (1996) If the special effects were bad in the 90s, they sure haven't gotten any better in the years since, but there is a certain hokey charm to the concept behind this one, so let's ACK ACK about it!

Episode 302: Nothing But Trouble (1991)

There are terrible people in Hollywood and then there are gentle souls like Dan Aykroyd, who want so badly to make a passion project that they direct their own movie even as the male lead tries everything in his power to implode the movie. NOTHING BUT TROUBLE (1991) is an absolute mess - perfect for a lively discussion here on the show! We have nice things to say about it and none of that includes Chevy Chase, who was a total doucher on set and off. Eat it, Griswold!

Episode 301: Don't Panic (1989)

Very seldom does a movie so purely stupid, so incredibly inept, and so confusingly charming come along that your boys at Horror Movie Night have never even heard of it, but this week, Shudder brings us a lost gem from times past that we could not deny. DON'T PANIC (1988) aka ADR THE MOVIE is one of the worst NOES ripoffs ever made, but so delightful in its ineptitude. Every choice made was the wrong one and we're so glad we got a chance to watch it because this episode is louder than the female lead's eyebrows.

Episode 300: Pee Wee's Big Adventure (1985)

HOLY EXPLETIVE, WE MADE IT TO EPISODE 300! To celebrate (almost) 6 years of HMN behind us, we decided to go on an adventure. A big one, to be exact - PEE-WEE'S BIG ADVENTURE (1985) which, as other millenials know, is straight kindertrauma. Plus it's got Large Marge, killer clowns, and Elvira out of costume. Let's celebrate all the way to Warner Bros' studio lot!


Episode 299: Creature Walks Among Us (1956)

You know what's REALLY scary? A fish-man wearing sensible human clothing. Especially when said fish-man is swole AF. We're diving into the deep end of the Black Lagoon and coming up for air with THE CREATURE WALKS AMONG US (1956). This is one of the wildest concepts for a golden age horror movie and definitely worth discussing Creature's fitness routine cuz dayum!


Episode 298: Day of the Dead (1985)

We typically avoid zombie movies on Horror Movie Night because frankly, they're pretty boring. Brian must have missed that memo somehow and picked DAY OF THE DEAD (1985), the zombie movie that spawned all of the tropes that boring zombie movies that followed have used in the vain efforts to show that pEoPlE tHaT aRe ThE rEaL mOnStErS. Fun fact, did you know that in the event of a zombie apocalypse, the surviving people are going to be the real jerks? Crazy, right?? Bub the zombie, shoot us now.


Episode 297: Thirteen Ghosts (2001)

Did someone say "more Matthew Lillard"? Well you're in lucky then, because we're doing back to back Lillard love on the show with another Dark Castle outing - THIR13EN GHOSTS (2001)! The fun of this movie has absolutely nothing to do with the plot, the script or the acting, and everything to do with these sweet ghost designs. And hey Dark Castle, if you're listening, we've got some dope prequel/sequel pitches for you on this episode if you're looking to cash in on the cult following this one may or may not have. Call us?


Episode 296: Serial Mom (1994)

John Waters is the kind of writer/director who makes comedies for horror fans, but we rarely get a chance to talk about them because his notoriety far outweighs his actual filmography. Luckily, we have SERIAL MOM (1994) that's as close to straight up horror as Mr. Waters gets and therefore is fair game for the Kelly boys. It's got quotes, it's got murder, it's got Matthew Lillard. Of COURSE we're discussing it!


Episode 295: Bride of Chucky (1998)

Brian's a tough nut to crack. He didn't like DOLLS (1987) but he's a massive fan of BRIDE OF CHUCKY (1998)... We forgive him because at least he's picking better movies so far this year. You truly can't go wrong with Jennifer Tilly playing Jennifer Tilly's #1 fan and Brad Dourif being, well, Brad Dourif. You know we only have good things to say about this one, it's just a feel-good party this week on Horror Movie Night!


Teen Flick Movie Night - Episode 294: Whatever It Takes

It's time for another ska-riffic time here on Teen Flick Movie Night, and this week we're finally tackling that titan of high school humor, 2000s WHATEVER IT TAKES! Boasting a pretty illustrious cast including that guy from Breaking Bad, the Green Goblin's son, the Green Goblin's son's real-life girlfriend, the guy Sean Connery taught how to shoot in League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, the manager from Waiting, the ultimate 90s movie hot girl, and Stoner Guy. Time for some MAYHEM!


Episode 293: Jack Brooks Monster Slayer (2008)

If you ever find yourself wondering why a movie starring Robert Englund didn't do well and if it might be some forgotten gem, let us tell you that there are very good reasons why such films have been relegated to the dustbin of horror history; case in point, this week's pick - JACK BROOKS MONSTER SLAYER (2007). While not completely unwatchable, it's definitely not worth any sort of cult status... Your gracious hosts take the hit for you once more, all while humming that classic Bobby Darin hit "Beyond the Sea."


Episode 292: Nightmare on Elm Street 4: Dream Master (1988)

Strap in this week when we dive into the most financially successful but most middle of the road of the Elm Street movies. Dream Master contains one of the greatest kills in Nightmare history but does the rest of the film hold up to the quality of that Roach kill? Well ya boys in HMN are happy to do God's work and find out for you.


Episode 291: House of the Devil (2009)

Ti West is that kind of movie-maker whose entire reputation stems from one absolutely amazing film, and this week we're heading back in time to spend a night at THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL (2009). Listen to us wax poetic on set dressings and frames per second, it's riveting!


Episode 290: Disturbing Behavior (1998)

Do you like Kurt Vonnegut? How we haven't asked this question of you in 289 episodes is absolutely insane, but this week we're finally discussing DISTURBING BEHAVIOR (1998) and we expect an honest answer. If your answer is no, though, we may call you Cook's Ridge Trash.


Episode 289: The Deadly Mantis (1957)

We warned you that this was the year we live our truths via movie picks, and Matt is holding up his end of the bargain with THE DEADLY MANTIS (1957)! The man loves his giant animal monster movies, and this is arguably the film that got him hooked (or rather, the orange book at the library about it but you get the idea). Grab the Raid, it's go time!


Episode 288: Superstition (1983)

Do you hear that? Is that... Stevie Wonder? That funky bassline can only mean one thing - we're delving into SUPERSTITION (1982) this week! Somehow this one flew under the radar for all three of your hosts and this is a rare first-time watch for us all. Don't misunderstand, this movie is not good, but damn is it a fun ride.


Episode 287: My Bloody Valentine (1981)

Do you like Dream Warriors? Of course you do! That doesn't necessarily mean you'll enjoy this movie, but you'll at least enjoy the movie it copied. This week, we're talking about BAD DREAMS (1988) which boasts a (b-level) star-studded cast, a threadbare script and BLOOD SHOWERS FOR EVERYBODY. Come on in, it's a perfect 98 degrees!


Episode 286: Bad Dreams (1988)

Do you like Dream Warriors? Of course you do! That doesn't necessarily mean you'll enjoy this movie, but you'll at least enjoy the movie it copied. This week, we're talking about BAD DREAMS (1988) which boasts a (b-level) star-studded cast, a threadbare script and BLOOD SHOWERS FOR EVERYBODY. Come on in, it's a perfect 98 degrees!


Episode 285: Town That Dreaded Sundown (1976)

In the most Brian pick of the last 12 months, we head to Texarkana and visit THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN (1974). Is this movie an unrealistic take on an actual rash of murders? Yes. Does its tone change more than a MySpace model's hair? Yes. Is it good? Well, we're not entirely sure, but we think... maybe? Listen to us hash it out this week on Horror Movie Night!

Fright Night (2011)

Episode 284: Fright Night (2011)

Remember what we said last week about questionable content? It's back in full force with Matt's first official pick of 2021, 1980's FADE TO BLACK. If you like bad Cagney and Monroe impressions, boy do we have a movie for you! It's not good, but at least we got to talk about that sweet TOURIST TRAP poster in the first 10min of the movie.

Fade to Black (1980)

Episode 283: Fade to Black (1980)

Remember what we said last week about questionable content? It's back in full force with Matt's first official pick of 2021, 1980's FADE TO BLACK. If you like bad Cagney and Monroe impressions, boy do we have a movie for you! It's not good, but at least we got to talk about that sweet TOURIST TRAP poster in the first 10min of the movie.

Honey I shrunk the Kids (1989)

Episode 282: Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (1989)

New year, same questionable content choices EXCEPT FOR THIS WEEK, as we always put our first movie of the year up to a group vote in our Facebook group, and the group has spoken: "we want more Rick Moranis!"
Ask and you shall receive, as well as some delightful Matt Frewer craziness and tons of sweet practical effects. Get lost in the backyard with us as we ride ants and fight scorpions in 2021!

Re-Rentals Episodes

Sleepaway Camp 2: Unhappy Campers (1987)

Re-Rentals: Sleepaway Camp 2

Once again we're revisiting a movie from the archives with Brian. This time Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers. Brian has seen the original and he's seen part 3 but he skipped the most rewatchable of them all!

Dolls (1987)

Re-Rental: Dolls

Once again we hit up the local video store and found out Brian hadn't seen 1987's DOLLS before! So Obviously we had to rent it again!

Soundtracking Episodes


Episode 13: The Craft

Recorded live during the Scares that Care 15 hour live-stream event October 30th, 2020

It's the raw audio so it's definitely not as polished as our regular episodes but here it is!!!


Bonus Episodes


Fantastic Fest Interview with the Team behind Ike' Boys

As part of the virtual option of Fantastic Fest, Matt was able to watch the new fantasy film Ike; Boys and talk to Co-writer/director Eric McEver and Stars Quinn Lord, Ronak Gandhi and Christina Higa.


A Child Named Bob

After discussing House by the Cemetery Matt had a lot of questions, specifically about the main character Bob.

So he made some calls, reached out to a few agents and got an exclusive interview with Bob.


Bob played by Robert Bacon of 91 Donkey Lane


Talking Youth Adult Novels with All That's Left in the World Author Erik J Brown

Matt sits down with his high school friend Erik J. Brown about his upcoming debut novel "All That is Left in the World". 

We discuss our love of Youth Adult horror novels as well as Erik's experience writing a book about a pandemic just a few months before a pandemic.


A Chat with Marissa Pona of Renegade Film Festival

Marissa Pona has been a friend of Horror Movie Night almost from the beginning and it's been a pleasure to see her forge her own path with Renegade Film Festival. It was a pleasure to sit down with Marissa to learn more about the film festival and definitively decide that I'll be going down to Atlanta in March for the show!


Talking the 80's With In Search of Darkness Director David Weiner

In this bonus Episode Matt had the chance to talk to David Weiner who directed "In Search of Darkness" about the sequel In Search of Darkness Part 2 which is streaming on Shudder NOW as well as the Science Fiction doc "In Search of Tomorrow" which is currently in production but you can still donate to their IndieGoGo campaign by visiting www.80sscifidoc.com


Happy 75th Birthday Lloyd

Since today is Troma's co-founder Lloyd Kaufman's 75th Birthday and to celebrate I'm breaking out a very poorly recorded interview I had with Lloyd back in 2011. Enjoy!!!

In Theaters Now


In Theaters Now: Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (2019)


The team and Katie checked out Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark which came out this weekend so you didn't have to and final verdict is you should see it and then listen to our episode!

Growing Up Kelly


Growing Up Kelly: Christmas Edition Part 2

Growing Up Kelly is back! This time we're joined by Brian and Matt's sister Julie (who hosts the My Favorite Episode Of... podcast) to discuss more about their Christmas time together.

HMN Podcast the Best of Episodes

Best of HMN Podcast

HMN Podcast: Best of Year 6

It's weird to think that this entire collection of clips was recorded during a lockdown and a pandemic but listening to it reminds me how much the show has meant to me and I assume others.
Now that life is getting back to normal I am stoked to get wild for Year 7!!
Best of HMN Podcast

HMN Podcast: Best of Year 5

It's no denying that the last 6 months have been extremely difficult and heavy but July 5th, 2020 is our 5 year podcasting anniversary. We would obviously love to be doing something more this year but as per usual we are still going to drop a retrospective of the best moments from Episodes 191-245.

When things calm, there's a vaccine and travel is safer we will give you all the love and more to ring in Year 6/Episode 300. Until then thank you for years of love and support. I Hope you enjoy these memories.

Best of HMN Podcast

HMN Podcast: Best of Year 4

Four Years and over 200 episodes and we're still going. Enjoy this week while we take a break but walk you through the memory lane of our favorite moments this year (specifically from Episode 141-Episode 190)

Best of HMN Podcast

HMN Podcast: Best of Year 3

It's been three whole years of Horror Movie Night! This year was definitely one of our most interesting years. So join us while we answer questions, listen to favorite episode moments and bring year 3 to an end and gear up for a great Year 4.

Best of HMN Podcast

HMN Podcast: Best of Year 2

It's July 5th which means we're officially 2 years old. Check out this collection of some of our favorite moments between episode 41 and 90.

Best of HMN Podcast

HMN Podcast Best of Year 1

Today is the one year anniversary of Horror Movie Night, and what better way to celebrate than to frankenstein some of the best moments from past year into a supercut of embarrassment, drunkenness and awkward shouting?! If you're new to the podcast, this is your chance to learn the inside jokes and strange mannerisms of your hosts without slogging through 50 episodes. Sit back, crack a cold one and assume the position - it's Horror Movie Night's first bday!