Episode 174: Society (1989)


Episode 173: Destroyer (1988)


Episode 172: Scream 3 (2000)

Episode 171: House of 1,000 Corpses (2003)


Episode 170: S.I.C.K. (2003)


Episode 169: Werewolf of Washington (1973)


Episode 168: Teen Witch (1989)


Episode 167: Rock N Roll Nightmare (1987)


Episode 166: Rocktober Blood (1984)

When you least expect it, HMN will attack, there'll be hell to pay, we're back! We return to our regularly-scheduled heavy metal horror with some REAL rock and roll gore and one of the scariest VHS covers baby Scott ever saw at the drug store rental section in the 80s, the ridiculous ROCKTOBER BLOOD from 1984 (but looks like it was filmed in 1980). Watch this killer tale of hilarious twin hijinks and laugh to such knee-slappers as a guy smoking meth and a 2-year-old corpse with a perfectly clean, bright red bandana. Oh and a sweet soundtrack by the relatively obscure metal band Sorcery. Up the irons!


Episode 165: Rockula (1990)

We interrupt this month of heavy metal horror for a week of lighter fare, and while the title of this one implies there's rock music involved, it's basically synth and early 90s white boy rap, so you can guess which host was adamant about us discussing it (if you guessed Matt, you're right; if you didn't, you're definitely not paying attention to our show). In any case, we are talking the ironically-named ROCKULA from 1990, featuring extensive scene-stealing by the woman who sang Mickey (Toni Basil) and the guy who sang She Blinded Me With Science (Thomas Dolby). It's worth a watch if for only for the amazing arena rock ballad midway through, so give this episode a listen - it's your destiny!


Episode 164: Black Roses (1988)

The time has come, my children. The sacred month of October is once again upon us, and the lure of heavy metal has taken over our teenage minds. We are enslaved by distortion, guyliner and falsetto vocals. We are... BLACK. ROSES. Coincidentally, that's also the name of the film we're discussing this week on HMN, and boy, what a way to kick off Heavy Metal Horror month! We will be discussing a different heavy metal horror movie each week in October, starting with this forgotten low-budget 1988 rockfest, in which the titular band invades a small town and turns the 30-somethings cast as high schoolers into various types of monsters. It's as goofy as it sounds, and there was enough hairspray used on set to pop a second hole in the ozone layer. This month is all about rockin' y'all.


Episode 163: Demonic Toys (1992)

Even short-time listeners of the show have probably guessed that HMN loves all things practical effects, especially murderous playthings. So it should come as no surprise that we tackled the awful/entertaining 1992 Full Moon direct-to-video release DEMONIC TOYS! Baby Oopsie Daisy tries desperately to suck the joy out of our rewatch of this classic b-horror with its terrible puns, but thankfully, we have Jack Attack and Grizzly Teddy to keep things going strong through the final act. It's anyone's guess what the writers were on while crafting this masterpiece, but this kind of genius most certainly requires an altered state to achieve such thought-provoking prose as a killer baby doll grumbling, "HI YA FAT FUCK!"


Episode 162: Xtro (1982)

We haven't tackled any sex-crazed aliens in a while (ahem, Lifeforce) and thought it was high time we make it weird around here with the very uncomfortable and trippy 1982 British alien/monster movie XTRO. As you well know, every child in a horror movie is an insufferable brat who will get at least 1 person killed, but what you might NOT know is that the bratty kid here also trips balls on alien hickey goo (thanks Dad), sees murderous midget clowns, and sends full-size army men to kill his downstairs neighbor. There's a lot more to unpack here, and we do our best to wash off the dirtiness we each felt after viewing. If you're coming over, don't forget the snake eggs, they're our favorite!


Episode 161: The Gravedancers (2006)

Episode 160: Tremors (1990)


Episode 159: Patchwork (2015)

Episode 158: The Horror Show (1989)


Episode 157: The Plague (2006)


Episode 156: The Kindred


Episode 155: Basket Case 3 (1991)


Episode 154: Nightmare on Elm Street 3 - Dream Warriors (Live at Monster Mania 2018)


Episode 153: Hellraiser III - Hell on Earth (Live at Monster Mania 2018)


Episode 152: Silent Night Deadly Night Part 4 - Initiation (1990)


Episode 151: Uncle Sam (1996)


Episode 150: Gremlins 2 - The New Batch (1990)


Episode 149: Slash Dance (1989)


Episode 148: Idle Hands (1999)


Episode 147: Uninvited (1988)


Episode 146: Sleepwalkers (1992)


Episode 145: Dracula 2000 (2000)


Episode 144: Wrong Turn 6 (2014)


Episode 143: Silver Bullet (1985)


Episode 142: Chopping Mall (1986)

This week, we're talking about killer robots! No, sorry, we're not discussing Robocop 2. Or Terminator 2. Or Blade Runner. Or The Matrix. No, we're getting it on in the mall furniture store with Chopping Mall from 1986! Full disclosure, we're the ones awkwardly watching old Roger Corman flicks on the tv and clutching a pillow to our laps while our friends make weird squishy sounds. They deserve to get murdered by killbots, those dirty birdies. While not quite a lost episode, this is the second time Matt and Scott have discussed this film, and this round is arguably more coherent, so you're welcome? If you know what's good for you, you'll listen to Horror Movie Night. THANK YOU, HAVE A NICE DAY.


Episode 141: Troll (1986)


Episode 140: Demon Wind (1990)


Episode 139: Bugged (1997)

We are joined this week by Podcast Brother Brian Kelly as we discuss Troma's attempt at an urban giant killer bug movie. The film has the look and feel of a film shot on a weekend but if you love seeing guys acting with an immobile bug puppet than have we got good news for you. We discuss 1997's BUGGED on this week's HORROR MOVIE NIGHT!


Episode 138: Killer Party (1986)


Episode 137: Slaughter High (1986)


Episode 136: Death Spa (1989)


Episode 135: Bad Moon (1996)


Episode 134: Seedpeople (1992)


Episode 133: Carnosaur 2 (1995)


Episode 132: X-Ray a.k.a. Hospital Massacre (1981)


Episode 131: Hard Rock Zombies (1985)


Episode 130: The Gate (1987)


Episode 129: The Howling VI: The Freaks (1991)


Episode 128: The Wraith (1986)


Episode 127: American Gothic (1987)

This week on Horror Movie Night we straight up beat the love of God into our guest co-host Kyle Kuchta while we discuss 1987's American Gothic. The film is ... shockingly damn good. You guys didn't make us suffer (yet) for the first listener submitted film of 2018. So join us in examining what can happen when you decide to take a 2nd honeymoon with your obnoxious friends to help your wife get over murdering your child. Spoiler Alert... it goes badly this week on HORROR MOVIE NIGHT!


Episode 126: The Guyver (1991)

Retroactive Bonus Episodes


Retroactive Episode 9: Behind the Mask - Rise of Leslie Vernon

Back in 2012 Matt started Reddit Horror Club with his friend Miguel. On their 10th episode they had a man named Scott Roger on to discuss Behind the Mask: the Rise of Leslie Vernon and a friendship for life was born!

There is no truer "Horror Movie Night" origin story than this one!

Saturday Nightmares Episodes


Saturday Nightmares Episode 4: "The Tale of Laughing in the Dark"

It's time for another episode of Saturday Nightmares. This time we go back to the Are You Afraid of the Dark well and watch "Tale of Laughing in the Dark". Not only is it the second episode ever, it's also one of the most infamous episodes. Did we all love it though? Listen and find out!

This episode was recorded live on Twitch during our 12 hour stream.


Saturday Nightmares Episode 3: Goosebumps "The Cuckoo Clock of Doom"

Saturday Nightmares Returns! This time we're discussing the 2nd episode of Goosebumps "Cuckoo Clock of Doom"


Soundtracking Episodes


Episode 7: Varsity Blues

It's Football Season (we think) so join us as we discuss Varsity Blues on this month's episode of SOUNDTRACKING


Episode 6: BASEketball

Soundtracking is back and we're ready to Psych you out this month talking about the pop punk and ska heavy BASEketball Soundtrack. Is Take on Me really the greatest pop punk cover song? What's Reggie the Full Effect's best song? What's Matt's beef with Goldfinger's new record?! All this and more this month on Soundtracking!

I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997)

Episode 5: I Know What You Did Last Summer

Soundtracking is back with a 4th of July classic. Last year we discussed the film, now it's time to talk the music! Scott and Matt breakdown track by track the grunge and metal and sneaker pimps inspired tracks that make up this genre covering collection.


Episode 4: Idle Hands

You had to know this was coming after Episode 148. We couldn't let a full discussion of Idle Hands go by without an in-depth conversation about the music from its OST! We get misty-eyed remembering some of the great and forgotten pop punk and alt bands of the late 90s, and argue about which songs really didn't deserve slots on the soundtrack while Rob fuckin Halford didn't make the cut. Time to chill with Mighty Joe Bong and the HMN crew on another bonus episode of Soundtracking!


Episode 3: Dracula 2000

Nu metal sucks, but nu metal + vampires?? That's some pornstar oral prowess in that kind of power couple. On our third installment of Soundtracking, we drain the life from the most mediocre metal to hit the 1999 Billboard charts and fondly remember our misspent youth wearing Trapp Pants, wallet chains and ball bearing necklaces with our good buddy Stephen of Analog Jones and the Temple of Film. Scott may or may not have confused Monster Magnet and Powerman 5000 - you'll have to listen and find out!


Episode 2: Empire Records

Your favorite non-horror inspired music podcast returns in time for Rex Manning Day with this month's Soundtracking Episode focusing on the 1995 classic EMPIRE RECORDS


Episode 1: Can't Hardly Wait

Scott and I debut our newest side-podcast/Bonus episodes SOUNDTRACKING in which we breakdown soundtracks to some of our favorite movies (Horror and Non-Horror). We couldn't NOT kick this off with Can't Hardly Wait ... one of Scott and I's favorite movies ever.

Bonus Episodes


Talking to Cam Director Daniel Goldhaber

Since Fantastic Fest I've been obsessed with CAM. It was extremely exciting when it was announced that NetFlix would be carrying the movie and now it's almost here. Friday the movie debuts on Netflix and I sat down with the director Daniel Goldhaber to talk about his humble beginnings on Colorado, going to Havard for film school, the process of making the movie and then at the end we have a brief spoiler talk for you to enjoy after you watch the movie.


Ranking the Halloween Franchise

In honor of the new Halloween film breaking all types of box office records and ... it just being Halloween season. We're discussing and ranking the entire Halloween Franchise and ranking it best to worst.

Best of HMN Podcast

The Ultimate Halloween Movie Night Draft

Matt decides to blantly steal the gimmick of his favorite podcast ALL FANTASY EVERYTHING. They're joined by friend of the show Brian Burger in this bonus episode as all four men try to plan the ultimate Halloween Movie Night.


HMN Trivia Game #2

Meghan joins us again to host a trivia game. Which of your three cohost knows the most worthless information about movies? Listen and find out!


Matt Talks to Alexandra Feld (Star of KILLER KATE)

This morning I took a phone call from Alexandra Feld to discuss the upcoming KILLER KATE which will be released in select theatesrs and available via VOD on Friday the 26th.


Fantastic Fest Interview with the Team Behind An Evening With Beverly Luff Linn

Thought we were done with Fantastic Fest content? WRONG! Here's an interview Matt did with the Jim Hosking and David Wike who wrote and directed the new film An Evening with Beverly Luff Lin. Look for the film in theaters on October 19th


Fantastic Fest 2018 ReCap

You've heard basically all the interviews now so here's just a recap of my weekend in Austin.


Talking Fairy Tales with Madame Yankelova's Fine Literature Club director Emilio Schenker

Madame Yankelova's Fine Literature Club was one of the most unique films I've ever sat through. I was extremely honored to get to talk to director Emilio Schenker about Israel's first fantasy film.


Talking FP2: Beats of Rage with JTRO outside Fantastic Fest 2018

The ducks have flown away again so it's time for JTRO to return to save the FP. The battle begins, sitting outside LICK during Fantastic Fest and talking with us!


Talking Life with LADYWORLD director Amanda Kramer at Fantastic Fest 2018

One of the most challenging and heavy films Matt saw at Fantastic Fest was LADYWORLD. It was an honor to get to talk with director Amanda Kramer about her feature film debut... check it out if you can.


Matt Talks to the Anthony Cousins of 'Bloody Ballad of Squirt Reynolds' outside Fantastic Fest 2018

Just before You Might Be the Killer Fantastic Fest attendees were treated to a short called The Bloody Ballad of Squirt Reynolds. Immediately after seeing it I knew I needed to contact director Anthony Cousins to talk about this incredible short


Matt Talks the Team Behind You Might Be The Killer Outside an Ice Cream Shop

Matt has a new favorite horror film of 2018 and he's gonna be talking about it ALOT so get your ass prepared for YOU MIGHT BE THE KILLER by listening to his interview with the director Brett Simmons, writer/producer Thomas P Vitale and producer Griff Furst

Chatting with the Team behind Cam at Fantastic Fest 2018

Matt's at Fantastic Fest 2018 and sat down the creative team behind CAM which is coming to Netflix this November. He talked with director Daniel Goldhaber, writer Isa Mazzei and star Madeline Brewer


Chatting with Mega-Ran Outside Keystone Comic Con

This weekend Philadelphia's newest convention KEYSTONE COMIC CON occurred. Friday night was kicked off by Rapper.Teacher.Hero Mega-Ran and Matt took some time to sit down with his hip-hop friend to talk about the gathering of Juggalos, San Diego Comic Con, The Spawn/Stephen King IT connection and various other topics (including a little wrestling talk). Enjoy!


Hanging with Danny Tamberelli and Michael Maronna outside a Barcade in Delaware

It's our most literally named Bonus Episode! After the 90's Night event help at the 1984 I had the chance to chat with Danny Tamberelli and Michael Maronna of the podcast "The Adventures of Danny and Mike" as well as the hit Nickelodeon show "The Adventures of Pete and Pete". We had no plan or direction and most just shot the shit but I thought you guys would enjoy it!

Bonus Interview: Jenny Pellicer of PUPPET MASTER: THE LITTLEST REICH

Matt sits down with Jenny Pellicer of the new Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich and discusses her career in Norway, playing Rizzo in her schools first ever musical and how she came to star in the newest Puppet Master film.
Matt talks to Jeff from Scream Factory

Bonus Episode: Jeff of Scream Factory Discusses Their SDCC18 Announcements

For the 3rd Year in the Row Matt sat down with Scream Factory's Jeff Nelson to discuss the Scream Factory Title Announcements at tonight Panel

Bonus Interview: Miguel Rodrigeuz of Horrible Imaginings

Matt sits down with Miguel Rodriguez (the founder of Horrible Imaginings) to discuss the 2018 festival and the years of friendship.

Bonus Interview: Bryan J.L. Glass talks about Art Bell and his Comic Furious

At Greater Philadelphia Comic Con this weekend Matt spoke with Comic Book writer Bryan J.L. Glass about his infamous Art Bell phone call from 1997.

Bonus Episode: Jon Schnitzer Director of "Haunters: The Art of the Scare"

In a Bonus Episode Matt and Scott sit down with Jon Schnitzer who directed and Produced the documentary "Haunters: The Art of the Scare" which is currently streaming on Netflix.


What Did We Watch This Month

Best of HMN Podcast

November 2018

Once again we're gonna run down all the movies we watched this month over at HMN Headquarters.

Best of HMN Podcast

October 2018

We're back with another episode in which Brian, Scott and Matt break down every film/TV show/comic book/whatever that their eyes passed over this month.

Best of HMN Podcast

September 2018

We promised we'd have this as a new series and now it's here. Enjoy as Brian, Scott and Matt break down every film/TV show/comic book/whatever that their eyes passed over this month.

HMN Podcast the Best of Episodes

Best of HMN Podcast

HMN Podcast: Best of Year 3

It's been three whole years of Horror Movie Night! This year was definitely one of our most interesting years. So join us while we answer questions, listen to favorite episode moments and bring year 3 to an end and gear up for a great Year 4.

Best of HMN Podcast

HMN Podcast: Best of Year 2

It's July 5th which means we're officially 2 years old. Check out this collection of some of our favorite moments between episode 41 and 90.

Best of HMN Podcast

HMN Podcast Best of Year 1

Today is the one year anniversary of Horror Movie Night, and what better way to celebrate than to frankenstein some of the best moments from past year into a supercut of embarrassment, drunkenness and awkward shouting?! If you're new to the podcast, this is your chance to learn the inside jokes and strange mannerisms of your hosts without slogging through 50 episodes. Sit back, crack a cold one and assume the position - it's Horror Movie Night's first bday!

In Theaters Now


In Theaters Now: Halloween (2018)


We're back with another episode of In Theaters Now! Halloween came out yesterday and we (plus our friend Katie) have checked it out. So listen to our episode breaking down the movie, be warned there be spoilers in these waters!


In Theaters Now: Hereditary (2018)


Aslo Katie joins us to talk about Hereditary now in theaters.


In Theaters Now: A Quiet Place (2018)

Once again the HMN team is joined by Katie Anderson to break down 2018's A Quiet Place. We talk spoiler-free for approximately 30 minutes before we dive into the plot in detail. Join us for a serious discussion about a very good movie as well as some fun side-tracked conversations about Jason Segal's naked body, who will die in Infinity War and passing gas in a post-apocalyptic world.

Growing Up Kelly


Growing Up Kelly Episode 3: Halloween Memories

Growing Up Kelly is back, this time Scott wants to know about our most embarassing (and best) Halloween experiences. Hear about scarface costumes, scarying bumblebees and a good chunk of making fun of Brian's shitty mustache.


Growing Up Kelly Episode 2: Spooky World Commentary

For the Second episode of Growing Up Kelly we do a commentary Track for the Spooky World VHS Tape that Matt and Brian watched repeatedly as kids.


Growing Up Kelly Episode 1: Talent Shows

In the Debut episode of Growing Up Kelly, Scott asks the Kelly brothers about their Talent Show past. Brian opens up about a botched sock puppet performance and a popularity changing dance off while Matt discusses drag shows and rap parodies. Strap in and prepare yourself for your new favorite HMN bonus podcast series.