Episode 159: Patchwork (2015)


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"So Coco was a pretty good movie" - Brian

More Films Of Someone 'Making' a Friend

WANT A PODCAST? LOOKIN FOR COMPANY? LIKE CAPS LOCK? HOW ABOUT 1990'S FRANKENHOOKER? This week, the guys get elbow deep in giant crack rocks and purple goo, and discuss Matt's romantic evening plans, Adam's scientific proclivities, and Scott's ongoing obsession with head explosions. Got any money? It's Horror Movie Night!

It's finally happened: Scott had a pick fall on Halloween, and his dream of discussing awkward brunettes and their creepy dolls came truuuuuuue! We snuggle up to the one and only MAY (2002), which most forget is seasonally-appropriate - and we're here to remind you forever. Brian somehow didn't watch it, even with a week extension, so Matt and Scott do their best to explain the plot to him, which sort of works a little bit. Fill your cooler with some cold ones and get spooky with us for the best day of the year, we promise we won't criticize your kissing skills.

We've got our boy Kyle Kuchta back with us on the show and we just love him to PIECES... like the infamous Italian video nasty from 1982 some of us had a great time watching, and then there's Scott. We put our heads together to finish the nudie puzzle, because let's face it, the crotch is always the most confusing part. It's amazing that any of us have ever felt the touch of a woman.