2018 Episodes


Episode 177: Shrieker (1998)

Episode 176: Batman Returns (1992)


Episode 175: Dude Bro Party Massacre III (2015)


Episode 174: Society (1989)


Episode 173: Destroyer (1988)


Episode 172: Scream 3 (2000)

Episode 171: House of 1,000 Corpses (2003)


Episode 170: S.I.C.K. (2003)


Episode 169: Werewolf of Washington (1973)


Episode 168: Teen Witch (1989)


Episode 167: Rock N Roll Nightmare (1987)


Episode 166: Rocktober Blood (1984)

When you least expect it, HMN will attack, there'll be hell to pay, we're back! We return to our regularly-scheduled heavy metal horror with some REAL rock and roll gore and one of the scariest VHS covers baby Scott ever saw at the drug store rental section in the 80s, the ridiculous ROCKTOBER BLOOD from 1984 (but looks like it was filmed in 1980). Watch this killer tale of hilarious twin hijinks and laugh to such knee-slappers as a guy smoking meth and a 2-year-old corpse with a perfectly clean, bright red bandana. Oh and a sweet soundtrack by the relatively obscure metal band Sorcery. Up the irons!


Episode 165: Rockula (1990)

We interrupt this month of heavy metal horror for a week of lighter fare, and while the title of this one implies there's rock music involved, it's basically synth and early 90s white boy rap, so you can guess which host was adamant about us discussing it (if you guessed Matt, you're right; if you didn't, you're definitely not paying attention to our show). In any case, we are talking the ironically-named ROCKULA from 1990, featuring extensive scene-stealing by the woman who sang Mickey (Toni Basil) and the guy who sang She Blinded Me With Science (Thomas Dolby). It's worth a watch if for only for the amazing arena rock ballad midway through, so give this episode a listen - it's your destiny!


Episode 164: Black Roses (1988)

The time has come, my children. The sacred month of October is once again upon us, and the lure of heavy metal has taken over our teenage minds. We are enslaved by distortion, guyliner and falsetto vocals. We are... BLACK. ROSES. Coincidentally, that's also the name of the film we're discussing this week on HMN, and boy, what a way to kick off Heavy Metal Horror month! We will be discussing a different heavy metal horror movie each week in October, starting with this forgotten low-budget 1988 rockfest, in which the titular band invades a small town and turns the 30-somethings cast as high schoolers into various types of monsters. It's as goofy as it sounds, and there was enough hairspray used on set to pop a second hole in the ozone layer. This month is all about rockin' y'all.


Episode 163: Demonic Toys (1992)

Even short-time listeners of the show have probably guessed that HMN loves all things practical effects, especially murderous playthings. So it should come as no surprise that we tackled the awful/entertaining 1992 Full Moon direct-to-video release DEMONIC TOYS! Baby Oopsie Daisy tries desperately to suck the joy out of our rewatch of this classic b-horror with its terrible puns, but thankfully, we have Jack Attack and Grizzly Teddy to keep things going strong through the final act. It's anyone's guess what the writers were on while crafting this masterpiece, but this kind of genius most certainly requires an altered state to achieve such thought-provoking prose as a killer baby doll grumbling, "HI YA FAT FUCK!"


Episode 162: Xtro (1982)

We haven't tackled any sex-crazed aliens in a while (ahem, Lifeforce) and thought it was high time we make it weird around here with the very uncomfortable and trippy 1982 British alien/monster movie XTRO. As you well know, every child in a horror movie is an insufferable brat who will get at least 1 person killed, but what you might NOT know is that the bratty kid here also trips balls on alien hickey goo (thanks Dad), sees murderous midget clowns, and sends full-size army men to kill his downstairs neighbor. There's a lot more to unpack here, and we do our best to wash off the dirtiness we each felt after viewing. If you're coming over, don't forget the snake eggs, they're our favorite!


Episode 161: The Gravedancers (2006)

Episode 160: Tremors (1990)


Episode 159: Patchwork (2015)

Episode 158: The Horror Show (1989)


Episode 157: The Plague (2006)


Episode 156: The Kindred


Episode 155: Basket Case 3 (1991)


Episode 154: Nightmare on Elm Street 3 - Dream Warriors (Live at Monster Mania 2018)


Episode 153: Hellraiser III - Hell on Earth (Live at Monster Mania 2018)


Episode 152: Silent Night Deadly Night Part 4 - Initiation (1990)


Episode 151: Uncle Sam (1996)


Episode 150: Gremlins 2 - The New Batch (1990)


Episode 149: Slash Dance (1989)


Episode 148: Idle Hands (1999)


Episode 147: Uninvited (1988)


Episode 146: Sleepwalkers (1992)


Episode 145: Dracula 2000 (2000)


Episode 144: Wrong Turn 6 (2014)


Episode 143: Silver Bullet (1985)


Episode 142: Chopping Mall (1986)

This week, we're talking about killer robots! No, sorry, we're not discussing Robocop 2. Or Terminator 2. Or Blade Runner. Or The Matrix. No, we're getting it on in the mall furniture store with Chopping Mall from 1986! Full disclosure, we're the ones awkwardly watching old Roger Corman flicks on the tv and clutching a pillow to our laps while our friends make weird squishy sounds. They deserve to get murdered by killbots, those dirty birdies. While not quite a lost episode, this is the second time Matt and Scott have discussed this film, and this round is arguably more coherent, so you're welcome? If you know what's good for you, you'll listen to Horror Movie Night. THANK YOU, HAVE A NICE DAY.


Episode 141: Troll (1986)


Episode 140: Demon Wind (1990)


Episode 139: Bugged (1997)

We are joined this week by Podcast Brother Brian Kelly as we discuss Troma's attempt at an urban giant killer bug movie. The film has the look and feel of a film shot on a weekend but if you love seeing guys acting with an immobile bug puppet than have we got good news for you. We discuss 1997's BUGGED on this week's HORROR MOVIE NIGHT!


Episode 138: Killer Party (1986)


Episode 137: Slaughter High (1986)


Episode 136: Death Spa (1989)


Episode 135: Bad Moon (1996)


Episode 134: Seedpeople (1992)


Episode 133: Carnosaur 2 (1995)


Episode 132: X-Ray a.k.a. Hospital Massacre (1981)


Episode 131: Hard Rock Zombies (1985)


Episode 130: The Gate (1987)


Episode 129: The Howling VI: The Freaks (1991)


Episode 128: The Wraith (1986)


Episode 127: American Gothic (1987)

This week on Horror Movie Night we straight up beat the love of God into our guest co-host Kyle Kuchta while we discuss 1987's American Gothic. The film is ... shockingly damn good. You guys didn't make us suffer (yet) for the first listener submitted film of 2018. So join us in examining what can happen when you decide to take a 2nd honeymoon with your obnoxious friends to help your wife get over murdering your child. Spoiler Alert... it goes badly this week on HORROR MOVIE NIGHT!


Episode 126: The Guyver (1991)