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Getting In the Know!

Ever wonder what movies we're going to discuss on the show before the episode drops? Ever want to hear the newest song Scott's working on before it comes out to the public? Ever want to know what conventions we're at before we announce it? Ever want to know whatever the fuck BKelly decides to write about? Well You're in luck!!!!!

We have a Monthly Newsletter here at Horror Movie Night which will contain a comedy piece from Brian, a breakdown of the movies we're discussing that month and some free songs from Scott as well as our ever changing convention attendance calendar. When you donate $1 a month you will get this Newsletter at the beginning of every month!


Get More Horror Movie Night!

For $5 a month not only do you get the world famous newsletter (strap yourself in you easily excitable fans, there's more!)... but we will release a bonus episode every month just for you donators.

How will these episodes be picked?! Well even better... Scott, Brian and I will all propose a movie (of any genre) and donators will be able to vote for the movie we discuss that month.

(Please note first bonus episode will be released in May 2018 but Voting will start this April 2018)


Get to know us ... intimately

Finally donate $10 and not only will you get the bonus episode and the newsletter but every other month you will be invited to a giant podcasting party. We will all be on Skype just hanging out while watching a movie. This will always be 90 minutes long.

Additionally we will be emailing you all to find out which day works best for everyone in an effort to get the most fair overall attendance.

Please Note: The first call for this will be sometime in June.

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