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Best of HMN Podcast

HMN Podcast: Best of Year 8

Can you believe it's been 8 years of Horror Movie Night?! This years best of episode features clips from 351-400
Best of HMN Podcast

HMN Podcast: Best of Year 7

In place of our usual episode this week we're running our END OF YEAR 7 CELEBRATION! Enjoy an hour of memories covering some of the best moments from episodes 300-350
Best of HMN Podcast

HMN Podcast: Best of Year 6

It's weird to think that this entire collection of clips was recorded during a lockdown and a pandemic but listening to it reminds me how much the show has meant to me and I assume others.
Now that life is getting back to normal I am stoked to get wild for Year 7!!
Best of HMN Podcast

HMN Podcast: Best of Year 5

It's no denying that the last 6 months have been extremely difficult and heavy but July 5th, 2020 is our 5 year podcasting anniversary. We would obviously love to be doing something more this year but as per usual we are still going to drop a retrospective of the best moments from Episodes 191-245.

When things calm, there's a vaccine and travel is safer we will give you all the love and more to ring in Year 6/Episode 300. Until then thank you for years of love and support. I Hope you enjoy these memories.

Best of HMN Podcast

HMN Podcast: Best of Year 4

Four Years and over 200 episodes and we're still going. Enjoy this week while we take a break but walk you through the memory lane of our favorite moments this year (specifically from Episode 141-Episode 190)

Best of HMN Podcast

HMN Podcast: Best of Year 3

It's been three whole years of Horror Movie Night! This year was definitely one of our most interesting years. So join us while we answer questions, listen to favorite episode moments and bring year 3 to an end and gear up for a great Year 4.

Best of HMN Podcast

HMN Podcast: Best of Year 2

It's July 5th which means we're officially 2 years old. Check out this collection of some of our favorite moments between episode 41 and 90.

Best of HMN Podcast

HMN Podcast Best of Year 1

Today is the one year anniversary of Horror Movie Night, and what better way to celebrate than to frankenstein some of the best moments from past year into a supercut of embarrassment, drunkenness and awkward shouting?! If you're new to the podcast, this is your chance to learn the inside jokes and strange mannerisms of your hosts without slogging through 50 episodes. Sit back, crack a cold one and assume the position - it's Horror Movie Night's first bday!

Retroactive Bonus Episodes


Retroactive Episode 9: Behind the Mask - Rise of Leslie Vernon

Back in 2012 Matt started Reddit Horror Club with his friend Miguel. On their 10th episode they had a man named Scott Roger on to discuss Behind the Mask: the Rise of Leslie Vernon and a friendship for life was born!

There is no truer "Horror Movie Night" origin story than this one!


Retroactive Episode 8: Frankenstein's Army (2013)

"There's no way they could do back-to-back Nazi zombie movie episodes....right?" WRONG. Get your surgical equipment and bullshit swastika armband back out, because the guys at HMN have another Nazi zombie flick to discuss this week, with a retroactive look back at 2013's surprisingly not terrible Frankenstein's Army. If you're like us (well, Matt and Scott, at least), then you spent a good chunk of your prepubescent days splattering Hitler-loving monsters in the classic PC shooter Wolfenstein 3-D. This film is basically that, but with better graphics. You're either going to enjoy it or be bored out of your skull, so no further explanation is necessary here. Someone get Ron Perlman on the phone and see if he wants to come bust some goose-stepping ghouls on this week's (retroactive) episode of Horror Movie Night!


Retroactive Episode 7: Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead (2014)

It's the middle of the summer, so let's cool off with a movie about partially-thawed Nazi zombies. You read that right, we actually at one time discussed Dead Snow 2: Red vs Dead (2014) and dug it out of its frosty tomb for a retroactive episode. We don't remember much about this conversation, or the movie for that matter, but rest assured, we had some stuff to complain about as always. Get ready to do it with a dead girl while enjoying the 2-packs-a-day stylings of Bonnie Tyler on this retroactive episode of Horror Movie Night!


Retroactive Episode 6: Phantom of the Paradise (1974)

This week, the guys are digging an oldie but goodie out of the archives and watching from the rafters as their past selves discuss Brian De Palma's inimitable 1974 rock opera Phantom of the Paradise! If you've followed the show in any capacity, odds are you've heard this film brought up at least once, and here is the seed of HMN's collective obsession. Fall in love with Plain Jane, get your teeth knocked out, your voicebox smashed and your face horribly disfigured by a record press, then try to foil your abuser's sexy plot on this week's retroactive episode of Horror Movie Night!


Retroactive Episode 5: Horns (2013)

Well folks, it's time to dredge up the sins of the past with another retroactive episode of Horror Movie Night. This one takes us back to Stephen King's, er, Joe Hill's cinematically adapted (and eviscerated) Horns. Harry Potter fans died inside just about as much as we did while watching this one, and our fury is similar in scope and depth as Daniel Heathcliff's character here, who one day wakes up with hard protrusions he can't explain. Sounds a lot like every morning for the HMN guys...


Retroactive Episode 4: Alligator (1980)

Let's travel back to the gilded age of big hair, clock radio bombs and world-class pillow talk... no, not the 1980s, just the time we talked about 1980s killer pet flick ALLIGATOR! We've referenced this discussion enough that it finally warrants its own retroactive episode. Matt's love of this movie (and fear of dressing up as a pirate to pool parties) is infectious and his lines are smooth. Give it up on your childhood bed for this retroactive episode of Horror Movie Night!


Retroactive Episode 3: Red, White & Blue (2010)

Hopefully you've bathed recently, because this film is going to make you feel dirty. A while back, the boys discussed Red White & Blue with guest picker Aubrie, and for once, Scott wasn't the bad cop! You're going to need your revenge served up with a heaping dose of penicillin - it's Horror Movie Night!


Retroactive Episode 2: Puppet Master III: Toulon's Revenge (1991)

In our second Retroactive Bonus Episode, we take you back to the magical night that Matt and Scott hung out in person and called Adam to discuss leech vomit, puppet powers, Toulon’s terrible anniversary gifts, and sexy Nazis… That’s right, we discussed 1991’s Full Moon release Puppet Master III: Toulon’s Revenge! Listen for the origin of most of our current in-jokes, details on Matt’s kill room, and what Scott’s wife sees every time he watches HMN picks.

House 1977 Poster

Retroactive Episode 1: Hausu (1977)

In our first Retroactive Bonus Episode we travel back to this past winter when we had to discuss Hausu (aka House from 1977) for Reddit Horror Club. Adam precedes to tell us a non-fiction story of taking a friend to see Hausu in a theater. I hope you all enjoy it!


In Theaters Now


In Theaters Now: Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (2019)


The team and Katie checked out Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark which came out this weekend so you didn't have to and final verdict is you should see it and then listen to our episode!


In Theaters Now: Child's Play (2019)


This week the long awaited Child's Play remake was released. We all saw it this weekend and were joined by our friend Katie to discuss. Spoilers are ahead in the episode, you've been warned.


In Theaters Now: Us (2019)


We're back with another episode of In Theaters Now! We all watched US and break it down. So listen to our episode breaking down the movie, be warned there be spoilers in these waters!


In Theaters Now: Halloween (2018)


We're back with another episode of In Theaters Now! Halloween came out yesterday and we (plus our friend Katie) have checked it out. So listen to our episode breaking down the movie, be warned there be spoilers in these waters!


In Theaters Now: Hereditary (2018)


Aslo Katie joins us to talk about Hereditary now in theaters.


In Theaters Now: A Quiet Place (2018)

Once again the HMN team is joined by Katie Anderson to break down 2018's A Quiet Place. We talk spoiler-free for approximately 30 minutes before we dive into the plot in detail. Join us for a serious discussion about a very good movie as well as some fun side-tracked conversations about Jason Segal's naked body, who will die in Infinity War and passing gas in a post-apocalyptic world.

In Theaters Now: IT (2017)

In Theaters Now: IT (2017)

In this bonus episode the trio discusses 2017's IT with our friend Katie. This is currently in theaters and we talk heavy spoilers so be warned before listening.

Re-Rentals Episodes

Sleepaway Camp 2: Unhappy Campers (1987)

Re-Rentals: Sleepaway Camp 2

Once again we're revisiting a movie from the archives with Brian. This time Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers. Brian has seen the original and he's seen part 3 but he skipped the most rewatchable of them all!

Dolls (1987)

Re-Rental: Dolls

Once again we hit up the local video store and found out Brian hadn't seen 1987's DOLLS before! So Obviously we had to rent it again!


Re-Rental: Elves

It's Christmas Time and we decided to revisit a classic of the Christmas season for Brian's benefit. The Insanity that is ELVES


Re-Rental: Spookies

Once again we've rented another movie but while in the past it was movies we loved; this is one that we're very indifferent towards, but we needed to hear Brian's thoughts. While discussing Spookies we re-ignited our love for Fuhkin Duke and figure out the next screenplay by the Kelly Brothers.


Re-Rental: Trick Or Treat

Brian has wanted us to discuss this for months but... we already have before. In fact you could argue we started this entire bonus series so he could talk about this movie. So join us while we talking heavy metal horror and Matt and Brian discuss the passing of their Uncle Craig who's step is very clearly on the podcast.


Re-Rental: Dr. Giggles

This month we get the ever important Brian Kelly read on Dr. Giggles and then get wildly off topic. ENJOY!


Re-Rental: Tourist Trap

Brian didn't join the HMN crew until Episode 148. This means he missed a ton of great content of the first 100+ episodes so we are going to re-visit some of our favorites with him.

We're kicking it off with the classic Charles Band flick Tourist Trap. Scott and Matt are still huge fans but Brian isn't as convinced.

Soundtracking Episodes


Episode 13: The Craft

Recorded live during the Scares that Care 15 hour live-stream event October 30th, 2020

It's the raw audio so it's definitely not as polished as our regular episodes but here it is!!!


Episode 12: Not Another Teen Movie

Soundtracking is back and this time it's Prom Season so let's talk about the ultimate Prom movie soundtrack ... NOT ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE filled with pop punk covers of your favorite 80's classics.


Episode 11: Nightmare Revisited

So, not technically a soundtrack but there's like ... zero Christmas movie soundtracks that have enough pop punk, ska and nu-Metal on it to make us interested so we're doing the Nightmare Before Christmas cover album Nightmare Revisited.


Episode 10: Scream

Soundtracking returns with the 90's horror soundtrack that defined a generation ... specifically Scott's. The soundtrack is good until the weird rave portion in the middle.

American Werewolf in Paris (1997)

Episode 9: An American Werewolf in Paris

It's time for another month of Soundtracking where we're gonna break down the 90's nostalgia that is the American Werewolf in Paris soundtrack


Episode 8: 10 Things I Hate About You

Soundtracking is back with another episode talking about a teen flick soundtrack. This month we are breaking down the soundtrack to 10 Things I hate About You. This soundtrack is all over the place! Enjoy it with us!


Episode 7: Varsity Blues

It's Football Season (we think) so join us as we discuss Varsity Blues on this month's episode of SOUNDTRACKING


Episode 6: BASEketball

Soundtracking is back and we're ready to Psych you out this month talking about the pop punk and ska heavy BASEketball Soundtrack. Is Take on Me really the greatest pop punk cover song? What's Reggie the Full Effect's best song? What's Matt's beef with Goldfinger's new record?! All this and more this month on Soundtracking!

I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997)

Episode 5: I Know What You Did Last Summer

Soundtracking is back with a 4th of July classic. Last year we discussed the film, now it's time to talk the music! Scott and Matt breakdown track by track the grunge and metal and sneaker pimps inspired tracks that make up this genre covering collection.


Episode 4: Idle Hands

You had to know this was coming after Episode 148. We couldn't let a full discussion of Idle Hands go by without an in-depth conversation about the music from its OST! We get misty-eyed remembering some of the great and forgotten pop punk and alt bands of the late 90s, and argue about which songs really didn't deserve slots on the soundtrack while Rob fuckin Halford didn't make the cut. Time to chill with Mighty Joe Bong and the HMN crew on another bonus episode of Soundtracking!


Episode 3: Dracula 2000

Nu metal sucks, but nu metal + vampires?? That's some pornstar oral prowess in that kind of power couple. On our third installment of Soundtracking, we drain the life from the most mediocre metal to hit the 1999 Billboard charts and fondly remember our misspent youth wearing Trapp Pants, wallet chains and ball bearing necklaces with our good buddy Stephen of Analog Jones and the Temple of Film. Scott may or may not have confused Monster Magnet and Powerman 5000 - you'll have to listen and find out!


Episode 2: Empire Records

Your favorite non-horror inspired music podcast returns in time for Rex Manning Day with this month's Soundtracking Episode focusing on the 1995 classic EMPIRE RECORDS


Episode 1: Can't Hardly Wait

Scott and I debut our newest side-podcast/Bonus episodes SOUNDTRACKING in which we breakdown soundtracks to some of our favorite movies (Horror and Non-Horror). We couldn't NOT kick this off with Can't Hardly Wait ... one of Scott and I's favorite movies ever.

Saturday Nightmares Episodes


Saturday Nightmares Episode 4: "The Tale of Laughing in the Dark"

It's time for another episode of Saturday Nightmares. This time we go back to the Are You Afraid of the Dark well and watch "Tale of Laughing in the Dark". Not only is it the second episode ever, it's also one of the most infamous episodes. Did we all love it though? Listen and find out!

This episode was recorded live on Twitch during our 12 hour stream.


Saturday Nightmares Episode 3: Goosebumps "The Cuckcoo Clock of Doom"

Saturday Nightmares Returns! This time we're discussing the 2nd episode of Goosebumps "Cuckoo Clock of Doom"


Saturday Nightmares Episode 2: Are You Afraid of the Dark "The Tale of the Phantom Cab"

It's Halloween, ya mutants! That means only one thing - it's time for HMN's annual "Celebrate Halloween By Discussing Mediocre Childrens' Shows" bonus episode featuring the very first episode of Nickelodeon's Are You Afraid of the Dark? Last Halloween's discussion of Goosebumps S1E1 was a low bar to clear, so... you're welcome, AYAOTD. We talk critically about toxic masculinity in brother-brother relationships and the likelihood that there were 40 years of children parading through the woods who couldn't figure out a stupid riddle. All that and more on this special Halloween episode of Horror Movie Night!


Saturday Nightmares Episode 1: Goosebumps "The Haunted Mask"

Happy Halloween From Horror Movie Night!

This year we wanted to celebrate with a bonus episode of our new series Saturday Nightmares! If we achieve our Patreon goal this will be one of two monthly bonus shows. Saturday Nightmares finds Matt, Adam and Scott discussing episodes of children horror shows from the 90's.

We kick off the new series with the Halloween-centric debut episode of Goosebumps "The Haunted Mask"

Growing Up Kelly


Growing Up Kelly Episode 4: Christmas With the Kellys

Growing Up Kelly is back and it's Christmas time! The gang talks about Kelly Christmas traditions, bad gifts, fight clubs and anti-sex dreams. ENJOY!


Growing Up Kelly Episode 3: Halloween Memories

Growing Up Kelly is back, this time Scott wants to know about our most embarassing (and best) Halloween experiences. Hear about scarface costumes, scarying bumblebees and a good chunk of making fun of Brian's shitty mustache.


Growing Up Kelly Episode 2: Spooky World Commentary

For the Second episode of Growing Up Kelly we do a commentary Track for the Spooky World VHS Tape that Matt and Brian watched repeatedly as kids.


Growing Up Kelly Episode 1: Talent Shows

In the Debut episode of Growing Up Kelly, Scott asks the Kelly brothers about their Talent Show past. Brian opens up about a botched sock puppet performance and a popularity changing dance off while Matt discusses drag shows and rap parodies. Strap in and prepare yourself for your new favorite HMN bonus podcast series.

Discussion Episodes


Bonus Episode (Formerly from Patreon): Teen Wolf (1985)

In our build to Episode 250/Memorial Day bonus episodes ... here's a Patreon episode we did on 1985's Teen Wolf a year ago. I'm still extremely proud of this episode.

Visit to join up for monthly bonus episodes and weekly additional content.

Best of HMN Podcast

2019 in Horror

Just as the year draws to an end Brian, Matt and Scott break down the highs and lows of Horror in 2019


Matt Interviews Jim Cummings and PJ McCabe of Beta Test at Fantastic Fest

In the final Fantastic Fest Interview Matt chats with Jim Cummings and PJ McCabe of the movie Beta Test which was is getting released this Friday!

Best of HMN Podcast

Horror Movie Needle Drops Draft

It’s Halloween so we are doing another draft. This time we’re drafting “Needle Drops In Horror Films” with our new friends Jordan and JB of Camp Nightmare Podcast.

Apologies that Matt sounds like he’s calling in via a Tin Can; for someone who claims to know Podcasting he really screwed the pooch on this one.

Talking Exploitation with the Team Behind Rust Belt Driller

Matt sat down with the team behind Rust Belt Driller.
The team of Director David R Williams, Writer and lead actor Aaron Krygier, and Tilke Hill (Lead actress and co-Director) talked about influences, the style of the film and filmmaking in general.

Halloween Draft - Build Your Own Anthology

The Halloween Draft returns. This time we're joined with long time friend and 4th member Kyle Kutcha to build our ultimate Anthology film using clips from anthology films and TV shows.

Best of HMN Podcast

March 2019

It's that time of the month where the trio breaks down what they saw this past month outside of the regular movies we watched. Beyond the normal collection of random flicks from streaming services and Matt's obsession with seeing things in theaters both Matt and Scott have a long conversation about Captain Marvel and then talk a little Drag Race.

Best of HMN Podcast

February 2019

We're back to discuss the films, tv shows and books we enjoyed this past February. 

Best of HMN Podcast

January 2019

After taking a slight break we discuss the films, tv shows and books we enjoyed this past January. 


RuPaul's Drag Race Season 11 Episode 1 Reactions

Matt and Scott break down all 15 Queens on this season of RuPaul's Drag Race. Who do we like? Who do we hate? Listen and find out!


2018 in Horror

It's been a crazy year of Horror. Instead of a "What did we watch this month" we are gonna focus on the entire year of horror. What worked for us, what did we hate. Tune in and check it out!


Ranking the Halloween Franchise

In honor of the new Halloween film breaking all types of box office records and ... it just being Halloween season. We're discussing and ranking the entire Halloween Franchise and ranking it best to worst.

Best of HMN Podcast

The Ultimate Halloween Movie Night Draft

Matt decides to blantly steal the gimmick of his favorite podcast ALL FANTASY EVERYTHING. They're joined by friend of the show Brian Burger in this bonus episode as all four men try to plan the ultimate Halloween Movie Night.

Interview Bonus Episodes


Kyle Talks to the Team Behind Stranger In The Woods

Kyle chats with Holly Kenny (Writer, “Olivia”) and Brendin Brown (“Sam”) about their upcoming thriller STRANGER IN THE WOODS. Five friends opt for some R&R at a family cabin in the woods, only to be put at perpetual unease by the cabin’s owner. We discuss their connection to the genre, the development of this film, and the recipe for a successful and gratifying on-set experience, even when the film content is heavyyyyy. 


A Chat with Destroy All Neighbors Director Josh Forbes

Matt had the opportunity to talk to Black Friday director Casey Tebo and writer Andy Greskoviak about the new holiday horror film in theaters this Friday. Don't miss your chance to see it in theaters.


Matt Talks to the Team Behind Black Friday

Matt had the opportunity to talk to Black Friday director Casey Tebo and writer Andy Greskoviak about the new holiday horror film in theaters this Friday. Don't miss your chance to see it in theaters.


Matt Interviews Jim Cummings and PJ McCabe of Beta Test at Fantastic Fest

In the final Fantastic Fest Interview Matt chats with Jim Cummings and PJ McCabe of the movie Beta Test which was is getting released this Friday!

Talking Exploitation with the Team Behind Rust Belt Driller

Matt sat down with the team behind Rust Belt Driller.
The team of Director David R Williams, Writer and lead actor Aaron Krygier, and Tilke Hill (Lead actress and co-Director) talked about influences, the style of the film and filmmaking in general.

Fantastic Fest Interviews: Sarah and Phillip of Found Footage Phenomenon

Matt interviews Sarah Appleton and Phillip Escott who are the directors behind the Documentary "The Found Footage Phenomenon"


Fantastic Fest Interview with Emily Bennett & Jason Brooks of "Alone WIth You"

Matt talks with Emily and Justin who are the writing & directing team behind Alone With You; a minimalist psychological horror film which played this week at Fantastic Fest.


Fantastic Fest Interview: Matt Talks ICP with United States of Insanity Director Tom Putnam

Our Next Interview from Fantastic Fest has Matt talking to Tom Putnam who co-directed the new documentary United States of Insanity about Insane Clown Posse's lawsuit against the FBI to be declassified as a gang.


Fantastic Fest Interview with the Team behind Ike' Boys

As part of the virtual option of Fantastic Fest, Matt was able to watch the new fantasy film Ike; Boys and talk to Co-writer/director Eric McEver and Stars Quinn Lord, Ronak Gandhi and Christina Higa.


A Child Named Bob

After discussing House by the Cemetery Matt had a lot of questions, specifically about the main character Bob.

So he made some calls, reached out to a few agents and got an exclusive interview with Bob.


Bob played by Robert Bacon of 91 Donkey Lane


Talking Youth Adult Novels with All That's Left in the World Author Erik J Brown

Matt sits down with his high school friend Erik J. Brown about his upcoming debut novel "All That is Left in the World". 

We discuss our love of Youth Adult horror novels as well as Erik's experience writing a book about a pandemic just a few months before a pandemic.


A Chat with Marissa Pona of Renegade Film Festival

Marissa Pona has been a friend of Horror Movie Night almost from the beginning and it's been a pleasure to see her forge her own path with Renegade Film Festival. It was a pleasure to sit down with Marissa to learn more about the film festival and definitively decide that I'll be going down to Atlanta in March for the show!


Talking the 80's With In Search of Darkness Director David Weiner

In this bonus Episode Matt had the chance to talk to David Weiner who directed "In Search of Darkness" about the sequel In Search of Darkness Part 2 which is streaming on Shudder NOW as well as the Science Fiction doc "In Search of Tomorrow" which is currently in production but you can still donate to their IndieGoGo campaign by visiting


Happy 75th Birthday Lloyd

Since today is Troma's co-founder Lloyd Kaufman's 75th Birthday and to celebrate I'm breaking out a very poorly recorded interview I had with Lloyd back in 2011. Enjoy!!!

Little Monsters

"Scary Moments in Non-Horror Movies" Draft (f/ Robert Bacon and Ashley Victoria Robinson)

We did our yearly Halloween Draft on our live-stream session this year. We were joined by 91 Donkey Lane host Robert Bacon as well as Geek History Lesson's Ashley Victoria Robinson drafting the topic of "Scary Moments in Non-Horror Movies".


Getting Campy with Felissa Rose

Matt got a chance to sit down and talk to Felissa Rose about her new movie Camp Twilight as well as dive into the culture of horror fandom, Sleepaway Camp's explosion out of obscurity and why she loves conventions so much.

Camp Twilight will be on Video on Demand November 1st!


Bringing Back the Weekly World News with Greg D'Alessandr

Check out the Weekly World News Kickstarter project to RELAUNCH the Newsroom and hopefully PRINT new editions of the paper. For Bat Boy t-shirts, posters, action figures, & more - visit their Kickstarter before it ends on Friday at 5PM EST.

Click this link to let them know HMN Sent you


Talking Tales from the Crypt with Scare Me writer/director/star Josh Ruben

College Humor's Josh Ruben joined Matt to discuss his new movie SCARE ME that's currently on Shudder. Instead we talked about Tales from the Crypt episodes as well as our favorite werewolf movies.


Brian Reads: For Annie

Brian once again proves he has the ability to read in our favorite bonus series BRIAN READS. Once again he's reading Edgar Allen Poe but this time it's For Annie.

Send your Brian Reads suggestions to and please keep in mind that we want these to be like ... 10 minutes or less... so keep them short.


Matt talk to Babysitter: Killer Queen stars Hana Mae Lee, Ken Marino and Chris Wylde

Enjoy this interview of Matt at his most anxious; stumbling over his words, messing up someone's name and being generally fairly awkward when talking to the amazing talented cast of THE BABYSITTER: KILLER QUEEN.


Talking Bleed with Me with Director Amelia Moses

Matt sat down with writer/director Amelia Moses about her feature film debut BLEED WITH ME that played this week at FANTASIA 2000.

Talking DIEry with Actress Claudia Mailer, Director Jennifer Gelfer and Producer Samantha Watkins

Matt sat down with Actress Claudia Mailer, Director Jennifer Gelfer and Producer Samantha Watkins to discuss the upcoming horror thriller DIEry coming to Streaming Services on August 25th.


Talking Schlocky Horror with 80's icon Josie Cotton

Josie Cotton's career blew up in the early 80's with her poppy, tongue-in-cheek Go-Gos/Fear cover Johnny Are you Queer? The song lead to her appearing in the iconic 80's film Valley Girl as well as the underrated horror film Nomads. Being a long time fan of camp and drive-in movies she's released a new edition of 2007's Invasion of the B-Girls (featuring covers of classic horror theme songs) with the never before released cover of the Female Trouble theme song. Josie joins Matt today to discuss the album as well as her favorite bad horror movies, John Waters and the controversy of her famous song.


Brian Reads... The Raven

Quarantine affects everyone differently. For Brian he's decided he wants to get some culture so he sat down and read the Raven. Email us at for more horror short story suggestions.


Matt Talks to Amy Jo Johnson About Tammy's Always Dying

This week Matt talks to Amy Jo Johnson who's 2nd Feature Film Tammy's Always Dying will be streaming everywhere on May 1st. You may know Amy Jo for her roles in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Felicity.


Matt Talks to We Summon the Darkness writer Alan Trezza

Matt was unable to see We Summon the Darkness when he attended Fantastic Fest in September but now that the film is coming to Streaming he was able to see the movie and talk to writer Alan Trezza about his Heavy Metal past that influenced this sure to be iconic Heavy Metal Horror.


Matt Talks with NicNevin and the Bloody Queen writer Helen Mullane

Matt sits down and talks to a long time internet friend Helen Mullane for the first time. They discuss her new graphic novel NicNevin and the Bloody Queen.


Talking Swallow with Carlo Mirabella-Davis at Fantastic Fest 2019

Swallow hits theaters March 6th and this past Fall while at Fantastic Fest 2019 Matt got to see an advance screening of it and talk to the director Carlo Mirabella-Davis. Enjoy the interview and see the movie!

Mink Stole Retro Interview

In 2010 Matt Kelly had a podcast called "The Saint Mort Show" (which apparently no longer is online). One of his first episodes involved him driving to Baltimore to interview the incredible Mink Stole. Since she appears in Cry-Baby it seemed like a great time to dig through his archives and pull out this fantastic episode.


Comics, Porn and Wrestling: A Conversation with Rabid directors The Soska Sisters

Matt had an opportunity to talk to Jen and Sylvia Soska about Bruce Campbell cameos in Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies, super-hero porn parodies, Epstein Didn't Kill Himself, CM Punks return to WWE and briefly discuss their new film Rabid out now via Shout Studios.


Talking Smiley's with director Mike James

5 Second Films' Mike James joins Matt to discuss his new short SMILEY'S now available on Amazon Prime.


Talking to Tomm Jacobsen about First Curse

Matt sits down with Tomm Jacobsen (director of Dude Bro Party Massacre III) to talk about his new horror short THE FIRST CURSE!

Donate to their Kickstarter with the link below:


Talking Memory: The Origins of Alien with director Alexandre O. Philippe (Live at Fantastic Fest 2019)

Matt got to sit down with director Alexandre O. Philippe last week at Fantastic Fest to discuss his new documentary "Memory: The Origins of Alien"


Fantastic Fest Wrap-Up with Katie

On my last evening at Fantastic Fest I sat down with the podcast friend (and occasional co-host) Katie to discuss what movies we saw at the festival and what we loved vs. what we hated.


Talking Tammy & the T-Rex with Vinegar Syndrome's Joe Rubin (Live at Fantastic Fest 2019)

One of the biggest buzzes around Fantastic Fest was the special screening of the uncut version of Tammy & the T-Rex. Matt tracked down Joe of Vinegar Syndrome and got the whole story of how they came to acquire the film while on the street in Austin (aka there's some audio issues on this one)


Talking Anthology Films with The Mortuary Collection director Ryan Spindell (Live at Fantastic Fest 2019)

Matt sat down with the director of The Mortuary Collection and discussed the greatest Anthology films with director Ryan Spindell


Talking with the women of Fatale Collective (Live at Fantastic Fest 2019)

The Fatale Collective's short Bleed played before The Mortuary Collection at Fantastic Fest this year. As soon as I saw the short I knew I needed to know more about this group and they were gracious enough to sit down for a few minutes and tell me about their origins and mission as filmmakers.


Talking The Wave with writer Carl W. Lucas and director Gille Klabin (Live at Fantastic Fest 2019)

The Wave tells the story of a LSD-trip gone wrong. Matt had a chance to sit down with the writer and the director of the film. Keep your eyes open for when it comes to a streaming service and theater near you!


Talking Wyrm with Director Christopher Winterbauer (Live at Fantastic Fest 2019)

One of the highlights of Matt's Fantastic Fest has been the weird coming-of-age-sci-fi film Wyrm. Matt was able to sit down with the writer/director for a few minutes and talk about their love of audio.


Talking to Gigi Saul Guerrero in a Creepy Parking Garage (Live at Fantastic Fest 2019)

Matt caught up with Into the Dark: Culture Shock director and LuchaGore founder Gigi Saul Guerrero and caught up about her recent First Look contract with Blumhouse and upcoming episode of The Purge TV show.


Talking Homewrecker with Zach Gayne & Precious Chong (Live at Fantastic Fest 2019)

Matt sat down with the Zach (director/writer) and Precious (star/writer) behind Homewrecker


Talking about After Midnight with Jeremy Gardner, Christian Stella, Brea Grant and David Lawson Jr. (Live at Fantastic Fest 2019)

After Midnight is the tale of a man who struggles to get over his girlfriend leaving him while also fighting a monster that keeps attacking his house every night. Enjoy this interview with the Team behind the movie.


Playing Rock Paper Scissors with Martin Blousson and Macarena Garcia Lenzi (Live at Fantastic Fest 2019)

Enjoy this interview with Martin and Macarena the directors of Argentina's Rock, Paper, Scissors. It's a little windy in the first few seconds but we quickly relocated.


Talking Scream Queen! My Nightmare on Elm Street with Mark Patton and Directors Roman Chimienti & Tyler Jensen (Live from Fantastic Fest 2019)

Scream Queen! My Nightmare on Elm Street is playing at festivals across the globe. Visit to find a showing near you!


Talking Conversion Therapy with director Bears Rebecca Fonté

Matt had the chance to talk to trans filmmaker Bears Rebecca Fonté about her new film CONVERSION THERAPIST, which premieres August 22nd at the All Genders Lifestyles and Identities Film Festival (AGLIFF) in Austin, TX. 

Matt talks to Jeff from Scream Factory

Talking Scream Factory at SDCC2019

As is tradition this week at SDCC Matt Kelly interviews Jeff Nelson of Scream Factory about what's on the horizon and how some of our favorite films get released.


Talking Creature Feature Weekend with Founders Craig and Sandy Yastrzemski

There's a new convention launching in Gettysburg this Labor Day and I sat down with founders Craig and Sandy to discuss the con. Creature Feature Weekend is a brand new horror convention coming to Historic Gettysburg, PA this August 30th, 31st, and September 1st. We are a kid-friendly convention with an emphasis on activities which include Tim Cappello from the Lost Boys live in concert, an independent film festival, a room of oddities, arcade machines, a circus sideshow, a one-man band, campfire stories, and to make sure you have plenty of food to choose from we will have food trucks. As this is a horror convention we will also have celebrity guests including a Frog Brothers Reunion (Corey Feldman and Jamison Newlander), a Frankenhooker Reunion (Patty Mullen, James Lorinz, and Frank Henenlotter), Tom Woodruff Jr (Pumpkinhead, Xenomorph in 4 Aliens movies, Gillman in Monster Squad), Joe Bob Briggs, Alex Vincent (Child's Play), Billy Bryan (Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, Puppeteer that controlled Chucky), Walter Phelan (Dr. Satan from House of 1000 corpses), Glenn Ennis (Jason Voorhees in Freddy vs. Jason, Face of Colossus in Deadpool) in his second convention ever, Geretta Geretta (Demons), and so much more. Come out this Labor Day Weekend to meet the stars of some of your favorite horror movies and stay to enjoy the activities and explore Gettysburg. Remember that a portion of ticket sales will go to help Jenny "Deadgirl" Spain. Jenny has gone through many surgeries since being diagnosed with Cancer and after losing her medical insurance due to high deductibles has had mounting bills. With multiple procedures to go to help rid herself of chronic pain, we are putting our efforts toward helping her and we ask that everyone consider doing the same by either donating when purchasing tickets or by going to Jenny's GoFundMe page (Link available on our website). We thank you for listening and hope to see you all at Creature Feature Weekend.


A Chat with Never Hike Alone's Vincente DiSanti Live at Pop Rock N Horror

While at Pop Rock N Horror Matt had a chance to talk to Never Hike Alone director Vincente DiSanti


Bonus Interview with Elle Callahan (director of Head Count)

Check out Headcount coming theaters June 14th


Talking the Slasher App with Damon

While at Pop, Rock N Horror we caught up with our friend Damon who has an amazing app on the horizon. It's one you're not gonna want to miss signing up for in a few weeks!


Matt talks to the Team behind Recovery

Recovery is streaming and available in select stores June 4th, 2019


Matt discusses Boys Bands with I Used to Be Normal Producer Rita Walsh

Next Saturday May 18th at 9pm Fuse will be airing one of my favorite documentaries of last year I USED TO BE NORMAL: A BOY BAND FANGIRL STORY. I was lucky enough to have a phone call with producer Rita Walsh. Give it a listen and then learn more on the Fuse TV page for the doc!


Talking to Punchline's Chris Fafalios Outside a Concert

A few years ago Chris joined us on our Ice Cream Man episode to promote the Kickstarter Punchline had going for a live concert they wanted to film. Matt went to their show with Mest and Less Than Jake in Lancaster to catch up about the progress on the special as well as waxing deep on the band's discography.


Getting Haunted by Mercy Black with Owen Egerton

Owen Egerton's new film Mercy Black is produced by Blumhouse and currently streaming on Netflix. It is a must see film in 2019 and worth your time. Owen and Matt discuss the inspiration for the movie, what got him into horror and why Halloween 4 is an under appreciated masterpiece.


Getting Depraved with Larry Fessenden

Wednesday at What the Fest?!? was the debut of Larry Fessenden's new film Depraved. I was privaliaged enough to get to sit down and interview him about his previous film Beneath, the influence on Depraved and what the future of the movie is.


Surviving Horror With Traycee King

Matt reconnects with a friend of his from Los Angeles Traycee King. Traycee is a semi-finalist in Ms. Veteran America 2019 and is raising money to help the homeless. She's also the creator of the Surviving Horror web-series.


Talking Movie Movement with Ashley Groch

I'm joined by friend from high school Ashley Groch to talk about her new fitness program MOVIE MOVEMENT where you can lose weight while watching some of your favorite movies.


Talking Amityville Murders with Diane Franklin

This weekend Amityville Murders gets released and I had the opportunity to talk to star of the film Diane Franklin (who you might remember from such films as Better Off Dead, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure and TerrorVision). It was an honor to talk to an icon of the 80's! Check out the new film available digitally Feb 8th!


A Conversation with Crusty Udders of SyKoTiK SiNfOnEy

I was honored to have an awesome conversation with the lead singer of the band I've been obsessed with since I first rented Bad Channels as a kid. There's some great stories I heard during this interview that I never knew and that fascinated me. I hope you enjoy them too.


Fantastic Fest 2018 Interview with Piercing Director Nicolas Pesce

In the final of our Fantastic Fest 2018 Interviews I sat down with Piercing Director Nicolas Pesce to discuss his film which comes out this weekend! Do not miss it!


Talking L.A. Living with STANDOFF AT SPARROW CREEK director Henry Dunham at Fantastic Fest 2018

The Standoff at Sparrow Creek is coming to theaters and VOD on Jan 18th, I sat down with director Henry Dunham at Fantastis Fest in September 2018 for the podcast. Enjoy!


Talking to Cam Director Daniel Goldhaber

Since Fantastic Fest I've been obsessed with CAM. It was extremely exciting when it was announced that NetFlix would be carrying the movie and now it's almost here. Friday the movie debuts on Netflix and I sat down with the director Daniel Goldhaber to talk about his humble beginnings on Colorado, going to Havard for film school, the process of making the movie and then at the end we have a brief spoiler talk for you to enjoy after you watch the movie.


Matt Talks to Alexandra Feld (Star of KILLER KATE)

This morning I took a phone call from Alexandra Feld to discuss the upcoming KILLER KATE which will be released in select theatesrs and available via VOD on Friday the 26th.


Fantastic Fest Interview with the Team Behind An Evening With Beverly Luff Linn

Thought we were done with Fantastic Fest content? WRONG! Here's an interview Matt did with the Jim Hosking and David Wike who wrote and directed the new film An Evening with Beverly Luff Lin. Look for the film in theaters on October 19th


Fantastic Fest 2018 ReCap

You've heard basically all the interviews now so here's just a recap of my weekend in Austin.


Talking Fairy Tales with Madame Yankelova's Fine Literature Club director Emilio Schenker

Madame Yankelova's Fine Literature Club was one of the most unique films I've ever sat through. I was extremely honored to get to talk to director Emilio Schenker about Israel's first fantasy film.


Talking FP2: Beats of Rage with JTRO outside Fantastic Fest 2018

The ducks have flown away again so it's time for JTRO to return to save the FP. The battle begins, sitting outside LICK during Fantastic Fest and talking with us!


Talking Life with LADYWORLD director Amanda Kramer at Fantastic Fest 2018

One of the most challenging and heavy films Matt saw at Fantastic Fest was LADYWORLD. It was an honor to get to talk with director Amanda Kramer about her feature film debut... check it out if you can.


Matt Talks to the Anthony Cousins of 'Bloody Ballad of Squirt Reynolds' outside Fantastic Fest 2018

Just before You Might Be the Killer Fantastic Fest attendees were treated to a short called The Bloody Ballad of Squirt Reynolds. Immediately after seeing it I knew I needed to contact director Anthony Cousins to talk about this incredible short


Matt Talks the Team Behind You Might Be The Killer Outside an Ice Cream Shop

Matt has a new favorite horror film of 2018 and he's gonna be talking about it ALOT so get your ass prepared for YOU MIGHT BE THE KILLER by listening to his interview with the director Brett Simmons, writer/producer Thomas P Vitale and producer Griff Furst

Chatting with the Team behind Cam at Fantastic Fest 2018

Matt's at Fantastic Fest 2018 and sat down the creative team behind CAM which is coming to Netflix this November. He talked with director Daniel Goldhaber, writer Isa Mazzei and star Madeline Brewer


Chatting with Mega-Ran Outside Keystone Comic Con

This weekend Philadelphia's newest convention KEYSTONE COMIC CON occurred. Friday night was kicked off by Rapper.Teacher.Hero Mega-Ran and Matt took some time to sit down with his hip-hop friend to talk about the gathering of Juggalos, San Diego Comic Con, The Spawn/Stephen King IT connection and various other topics (including a little wrestling talk). Enjoy!


Hanging with Danny Tamberelli and Michael Maronna outside a Barcade in Delaware

It's our most literally named Bonus Episode! After the 90's Night event help at the 1984 I had the chance to chat with Danny Tamberelli and Michael Maronna of the podcast "The Adventures of Danny and Mike" as well as the hit Nickelodeon show "The Adventures of Pete and Pete". We had no plan or direction and most just shot the shit but I thought you guys would enjoy it!

Bonus Interview: Jenny Pellicer of PUPPET MASTER: THE LITTLEST REICH

Matt sits down with Jenny Pellicer of the new Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich and discusses her career in Norway, playing Rizzo in her schools first ever musical and how she came to star in the newest Puppet Master film.
Matt talks to Jeff from Scream Factory

Bonus Episode: Jeff of Scream Factory Discusses Their SDCC18 Announcements

For the 3rd Year in the Row Matt sat down with Scream Factory's Jeff Nelson to discuss the Scream Factory Title Announcements at tonight Panel

Bonus Interview: Miguel Rodrigeuz of Horrible Imaginings

Matt sits down with Miguel Rodriguez (the founder of Horrible Imaginings) to discuss the 2018 festival and the years of friendship.

Bonus Interview: Bryan J.L. Glass talks about Art Bell and his Comic Furious

At Greater Philadelphia Comic Con this weekend Matt spoke with Comic Book writer Bryan J.L. Glass about his infamous Art Bell phone call from 1997.



Bonus Episode: Jon Schnitzer Director of "Haunters: The Art of the Scare"

In a Bonus Episode Matt and Scott sit down with Jon Schnitzer who directed and Produced the documentary "Haunters: The Art of the Scare" which is currently streaming on Netflix.


Bonus Episode: Matt Talks to Heidi of 2005's Serial

At San Diego Comic Con I sat down with my friend Heidi Cox and discussed the film Serial from 2005. It's impossible to see but we're gonna try to fix that because the film is a bad movie on the level of Birdemic and the Room. Heidi was on set for a minor role as a secretary. We are also joined by Jonathan London's additional commentary.

Stick around for a post-closing credits interview with Ben from SyFy Channel

Matt talks to Jeff from Scream Factory

Bonus Episode: Matt talks to Jeff from Scream Factory at San Diego Comic Con 2017

Matt grabbed an interview with Jeff of Scream Factory immediately following their DVD release announcements panel. Check out some of the cool titles coming to Scream Factory to wrap up the year!

Matt with Monster Squad

Bonus Episode - Matt talks to Monster Squad

While at Wizard World Matt grabbed a quick chat with Ryan and Andre of Monster Squad and Squadcast. Beyond that He also shares a quick story about meeting Chuck Russell (The Blob, NOES3 Dream Warriors) and how he has no issue killing children in movies.

Mailbag Episodes


Mailbag Episode: Jaws 45th Anniversary Contest and 5 Star Reviews

We had a contest to let people win their own copy of the 4k Ultra release of the Jaws 45th Anniversary Edition. We asked people to email us their "Worst Day At the Beach" stories for a mailbag bonus episode and here we read the lucky winners emails!

Celebrate 45 years of Steven Spielberg's cinematic summer masterpiece with the JAWS 45th Anniversary Limited Edition! Available on 4K Ultra HD for the first time ever, this ultimate collector's edition is packed with over 3 hours of bonus content, including deleted scenes, outtakes and more. The limited edition Combo Pack with lenticular packaging also includes a 44-page booklet containing rare photos, storyboards and more from the archives. Own your copy now! #JAWS #JAWS45THANNIVERSARY


Mailbag Episode: Good News Is Your Dates Are Here....

Hey Guys, It's been a while. Let's open about 6 months worth of fan mail!


Mailbag Episode #3 We're Not Terrible

The trio sits down and reads a few emails for listeners letting us know that we're not as terrible as we think we are. I'm not sure how it happens but we end up on a long tangent about movies Matt forced people to watch in college.


Mailbag Episode #2 Christmas Round Up

We're back with another Mailbag episode. We read some letters about Christmas favorites, answer a question about our origins and then share the cool shit we got for Christmas. We will be back Saturday with a brand new movie review!


Mailbag #1 Video Store Memories

In this first mailbag episode the gang takes letters about Bette Davis, movie suggestions and remember their days in the video store horror section.

Bonus "Convention" Episodes

Frankenhooker (1990)

Frankenhooker Live Q&A at Creature Feature Weekend

In the 2nd of the two live panels Matt did at Creature Feature Weekend feature him doing a Q&A with Frankenhooker's Patty Mullen, James Lorinz and director Frank Henenlotter


Jason Legacy Live At Creature Feature Weekend

This weekend Scott and Matt attended the Creature Feature Weekend. Matt was joined by Jersey Ghouls' very own Jacki to discuss the legacy of Jason with two actors who have played the character. Glenn Ennis (stuntman for Freddy vs. Jason) and Jason Brooks (co-writer and star of Friday the 13th: Vengeance)


Cujo Reunion Panel Live at Pop Rock N Horror

We just got back from Pop Rock N Horror Con and needed to release this amazing Cujo Reunion panel moderated by Matt and Catie of Mis En Scream. Sorry for the audio issues throughout

The End

Bonus Live Episode: We Will Ruin Your Childhood

It's New Years Evil so let's reflect on the best podcasting moment of Scott and Matt's life... pissing off a room of con attendees as we ruin everything they grew up loving one thing at a time. Enjoy!


Bonus Live Episode: Ranking the Slashers (Live in 2014)

Another Bonus Episode from Scott and Matt's appearance at the tanoshicon in West Chester circa 2014. In this episode we attempt to rank all the major slasher franchise films from best to worst.


Bonus Episode - One Slash Wonders Live in 2015

In 2014 Scott and Matt met for the first time and record a series of 3 live panels at a small convention in West Chester. This is the final panel of the three we recorded. The Topic was discussing "One Slash Wonders" (aka horror films that should have been franchises but weren't). I hope you enjoy this bonus episode ... if you like it we will release the other two (spoiler alert, this is personally my least favorite of the 3)

Monster Mania - Jason chokes Scott

Live at Monster Mania Bonus Episode

This past weekend Scott and Matt attended Monster Mania 36 and while we were there decided to record some content. We talk about the convention, interview a girl who made the walrus suit for Tusk and go on Facebook Live. We answer some of your questions on Facebook Live covering such topics as "What would we cosplay as", "Favorite John Cusack movie" and "what horror movie would we turn into a musical". You can only find the answers by listening!

Trivia Episodes


HMN Trivia Contest #2

Meghan joins us again to host a trivia game. Which of your three cohost knows the most worthless information about movies? Listen and find out!


HMN Trivia Contest #1

Happy New Year! Enjoy our first bonus episode of 2017 where we have a battle of wits to determine who knows the most horror trivia. Hosted by Meghan!

What Did We Watch This Month

Best of HMN Podcast

November 2018

Once again we're gonna run down all the movies we watched this month over at HMN Headquarters.

Best of HMN Podcast

October 2018

We're back with another episode in which Brian, Scott and Matt break down every film/TV show/comic book/whatever that their eyes passed over this month.

Best of HMN Podcast

September 2018

We promised we'd have this as a new series and now it's here. Enjoy as Brian, Scott and Matt break down every film/TV show/comic book/whatever that their eyes passed over this month.