Episode 209: The Last Shark (1981)


In Matt's continuing efforts to make his friends watch questionable giant killer animal movies, he has chosen THE LAST SHARK from 1981 to punish Brian and Scott with this week, and hoo boy. This film was such a blatant JAWS ripoff, that it was pulled from US theaters, which would've inadvertently saved dozens of people from wasting their time and money on watching it in 1981. But thanks to the digital age, here we are, wasting time and money watching and discussing a movie where a rubber shark drags an entire helicopter into the ocean. Summer's almost over, and so is your chance to get that beach bod toned up by a few chomps from a Great White!

Film Trailer


Quote of the Episode:

"I love shark movies, most of them are bad but every once in a while there's one that's so bad that it kind eeks it's way into good and THAT is what hte Last Shark is" - Matt