Episode 69: Deathgasm (2015)


Do you like metal?? This movie may or may not be metal! It's not necessarily good metal, but yeah, the central theme is more or less "metal" - of course we're talking about 2015's NZ shredfest Deathgasm! You can tell the protagonist is totally metal by his Trivium posters... Super duper metal, guys. He realizes the whole town has figured out what a poser he is, so he summons a demon to steal everyone's souls and their ability to tell him he needs to practice more. Let's just say he's no Slumber Party Massacre II Driller Killer, all right? Get your corpse paint and nail gauntlets, we're heading out into the woods to shoot a lofi black metal video, because that's how we roll on Horror Movie Night!

Film Trailer

Film Details

Deathgasm (2015) Poster
Directed by Jason Lei Howden
Produced by

Sarah Howden

Andrew Beattie

Morgan Leigh Stewart

Written by Jason Lei Howden

Milo Cawthorne

James Blake

Kimberley Crossman

Stephen Ure

Music by

Chris van de Geer

Joost Langeveld

Cinematography Simon Raby
Edited by Jeff Hurrell

MPI Media Group

New Zealand Film Commission

Timpson Films

Distributed by Dark Sky Films (US)
Release date

15 March 2015

Running time
86 minutes
Country New Zealand
Language English