Episode 102: Hollow Man (2000)


Sometimes you cheer for the amazing work done by graphic artists in the movies you watch, and sometimes you sit in disbelief realizing that a team of people got paid to mocap Kevin Bacon's dong for an Invisible Man movie. If that doesn't paint the picture, we're discussing 2000's pointless CGI fest, Hollow Man, and boy did we not have fun. This super rapey take on the classic mad scientist story has a bunch of supposedly smart people acting like idiots, talking like Dawson's Creek characters, and screwing or bludgeoning anything with a heartbeat. Strap in and bite down on this, cuz frankly you can see right though us on this week's episode of Horror Movie Night.

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"We're still picking movies that were made for the pursuit of boob. We live in a day and age where we can just google that shit we don't need to pursue it through bad horror movies anymore but here we are like a bunch of jackasses just picking movies like some half-ass tit-patrol" - Matt

More Films Released in 2000

If you're like us, you were a weird virgin in high school who probably went through a dizzying amount of hand lotion for mysterious reasons Mom didn't want to acknowledge. Come with us on a journey down Memory Lane, which dead ends at CHERRY FALLS (2000), this week's decidedly un-erotic slasher about teens banging their way away from a cross-dressing Jay Mohr. The nostalgia factor is running about as high as our hormones in 2000, but hopefully our desperation doesn't scare you away like the overpowering cologne we borrowed from someone after gym. Just like us, please?????

It's no secret we relish bad horror movies on the show, but sometimes even bad horror can be in bad taste. Take, for example, this week's urban clown demon mess KILLJOY (2000). Even with a runtime of just over an hour, this one was pretty painful for everyone, so thanks for that, Brian. Watching it as an anti-drug PSA at points may help viewers avoid smoking hell-joints that look like Pepperidge Farm Pirouettes or buying drugs from a pointy-toothed clown with stupid hair. Maybe. Get lit and listen to us try to unravel this low-budget mystery on another episode of Horror Movie Night!

Meta horror is a tightrope and sometimes even the greats lose their balance. When that happens, you get bloated 2 hour slashers featuring some of the most unlikable characters and worst bangs of the millennium like those on display in 2000's SCREAM 3. We are joined by Brett Simmons, the writer/director of 2018's incredible meta horror YOU MIGHT BE THE KILLER, which is great because we have a good film to contrast Scream 3 against. Antivax nut Jenny McCarthy isn't the only one getting eviscerated this week on Horror Movie Night!