Episode 127: American Gothic (1987)


This week on Horror Movie Night we straight up beat the love of God into our guest co-host Kyle Kuchta while we discuss 1987's American Gothic. The film is ... shockingly damn good. You guys didn't make us suffer (yet) for the first listener submitted film of 2018. So join us in examining what can happen when you decide to take a 2nd honeymoon with your obnoxious friends to help your wife get over murdering your child. Spoiler Alert... it goes badly this week on HORROR MOVIE NIGHT!

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"They were gonna fly that little puddlejumper all the way to whatever island" - Kyle

More Films From 1987

On another installment of "It's A Movie," your boys at HMN hit the beach and bring home some blood-thirsty mutant babies with Larry Cohen's classic (?) IT'S ALIVE 3: ISLAND OF THE ALIVE (1987). There's a whole lot of Michael Moriarty chewing scenery, some stop-motion really doing it for Matt, and some real Troma-esque rubber suit fighting under the pier near the end. It's got everything a summer blockbuster needs....right? Squeeze out some sunscreen for us so we don't get burned any more than we already did with this week's pick on Horror Movie Night!

Do you love Heavy Metal? Do you have a battle vest with patches from all of your favorite bands? Are you 12 years old and headbang in your room to expensive imported vinyl? Then this film is just for you - 1987's fantastic Satanic Panic/kids-save-the-day-but-blow-their-house-sky-high mashup THE GATE! Mom and Dad are gone for the weekend and a giant sinkhole has been burping up geodes, moths and claymation monsters, but you know what we really need? To partaaaaaaaay! The hairspray leaves a haze in the air and your eyes sting from all of the neon colored clothing, but you still have to fight off body-melting parents, zombies in the walls, your possessed friend and sister, and a monster straight out of the Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual. By the end of the weekend, you'll be much closer to your estranged sibling, so strap in for another banger on Horror Movie Night!

When you think horror, do you think Robin Williams in Aladdin? If so, you're in for a treat, because we're talking killer genies with 1987's The Outing! The Wishmaster he's not, but this genie has some serious power creep going on, yet chooses the laziest, most bizarre ways to kill whomever he comes across. This is the most menacing antique lamp you've ever seen, and you'll rethink your next trip to the history museum after watching it, so strap in as we grant your deepest, darkest desires in the most idiotic ways possible on this episode of Horror Movie Night!