Episode 142: Chopping Mall (1986)


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"It gave me one of my most favorite quotes that I'll use every day of my life now ... Fuck the Fuscha it's Friday" - Katie

More Killer A.I. Films

This week the long awaited Child's Play remake was released. We all saw it this weekend and were joined by our friend Katie to discuss. Spoilers are ahead in the episode, you've been warned.

If you thought that ROBOCOP was too believable and MANIAC COP's story was too easy to follow, then boy do the guys have a movie for you! This week, Adam throws the group into robot karate class with 1987's inscrutable cyborg crimefighting cringer R.O.T.O.R. Unsure why all the strongly-worded suggestions against this pick went unheeded, Matt and Scott grasp at their fraying sanity as Adam teaches his mustache jujitsu. It's about as 80s action cinema as you can get, so bring your C4 to the newest episode of Horror Movie Night!

Sometimes, it's hard to remember how far CGI has come, what with modern horror movies replacing real blood with stupid looking CGI blood, adding pointless, unscary scretchfaced ghosts, and making things like The Emoji Movie. But then you watch something like Arcade from 1993 and remember that things were once much, much worse. This direct-to-video gem is basically The Lawnmower Man with less Jeff Fahey and fuckmonkeys, and more Seth Green and the kid from A Christmas Story. We try to salvage this idiotic plot by having Matt's brother Brian on to bring the sanity, but instead steamroll him like the bad guy in Who Framed Roger Rabbit (which also had way better CGI than Arcade). Have we mentioned that this movie's special effects are garbage? Get your VR gear and suit up with us for this week's episode of Horror Movie Night!