Episode 148: Idle Hands (1999)


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"Any girls that listen to this podcast you might wanna turn it down for this one" - Brian

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It's that time of year again - the leaves are changing, the birds are chirping, your nose is bleeding whenever your crush is nearby... Ah, love. What a wondrous thing! It fills your heart with poorly-aimed arrows and your stomach with maggoty chocolates. This week, the guys get all hot and bothered with 2000's, so fire up the hot tub and put on your bikini, cuz it's gonna get sweaty - it's Horror Movie Night!

Maybe it's because we're 3 clueless dudes, but does covering up a murder lead to you not washing your hair for a year but still being totally cool with wearing crop tops and belly shirts? We don't know, but these are the hard-hitting questions we aggressively drive towards in this week's discussion of 1997's beautiful-people-screaming-at-nothing-and-quipping-like-it's-a-romcom Kevin Williamson slasher I Know What You Did Last Summer! The best part about this movie is that no matter how many times you watch it, the plot points and character motivations are so inscrutable and inane that your brain doesn't retain much of anything, so the killer's third act reveal is always fresh. Plus everyone is super attractive (except for the actual killer...OR IS IT). Grab your galoshes cuz this flick's slicker than a bucket of lukewarm chum and we're going to chug it on this week's Horror Movie Night!

If you're like us, you were a weird virgin in high school who probably went through a dizzying amount of hand lotion for mysterious reasons Mom didn't want to acknowledge. Come with us on a journey down Memory Lane, which dead ends at CHERRY FALLS (2000), this week's decidedly un-erotic slasher about teens banging their way away from a cross-dressing Jay Mohr. The nostalgia factor is running about as high as our hormones in 2000, but hopefully our desperation doesn't scare you away like the overpowering cologne we borrowed from someone after gym. Just like us, please?????