Episode 149: SlashDance (1989)


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"I gotta give it props, it kinda knew what it was" - Scott

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Hey brother, we watched you flex your 24 inch pythons and vote for the one non-horror film of the year for us to tackle, and you now get to ledgrop aliens all over the place while we discuss the Hulkster's 1991 sci-if comedy Suburban Commando! You better have said your prayers, taken your vitamins and done the right thing, cuz the Hulk's bad weave is coming to your spare bedroom, keeping it safe from litigenous grease monkeys, bad bosses and intergalactic warlords. If you're not feeling these colorful Hammer pants, well too bad, it's standard issue, soldier, on this episode of Horror Movie Night!

If you ever felt that Horror Movie Night wasn't Philly enough, we've decided to bring you some hard-hitting holiday horror from the cradle of the US government, and boy is it an experience! After years of coaxing, Matt has finally allowed a discussion dedicated to Miss December (aka Calendar Girl) from 2011, and it went better than expected; he's friends with the producer and didn't want to hurt his feelings if our discussion went south... Lucky for all involved, this relatively unknown killer Christmas flick is a blast to watch and discuss, and you need to watch it on Amazon Prime instead of (or in addition to) Elves. Hope you're as into unbearable goth manic pixie dream girls as we are, cuz they're crashing the party and already drunk on this week's Horror Movie Night!

It's good to know that after the bombs fall and half of the world is mutated into weird, pervy amphibians, we'll have someone like Rowdy Roddy Piper to repopulate the planet with his incredible sperm - or at least, that's the way things go in this week's pick, 1988's post-apocalyptic, post-consent fever dream Hell Comes to Frogtown. Here's a question for you listeners, why would frog-people have an entire city in the middle of the desert? Wouldn't that be terrible for creatures that have evolved to live in both water and on land? We have more questions, but few answers, so come share our bewilderment this week on Horror Movie Night!