Episode 178: Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey (1991)


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Quote of the Episode:

"You either are charmed by Bill & Ted or you can't stand them, and if you can't stand them it's a tough ride because there's two Bill & Ted's for the entire movie" - Matt

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Hey brother, we watched you flex your 24 inch pythons and vote for the one non-horror film of the year for us to tackle, and you now get to ledgrop aliens all over the place while we discuss the Hulkster's 1991 sci-if comedy Suburban Commando! You better have said your prayers, taken your vitamins and done the right thing, cuz the Hulk's bad weave is coming to your spare bedroom, keeping it safe from litigenous grease monkeys, bad bosses and intergalactic warlords. If you're not feeling these colorful Hammer pants, well too bad, it's standard issue, soldier, on this episode of Horror Movie Night!

As is tradition here at Horror Movie Night, we're kicking off the new year with a listener poll-chosen, somewhat-non-horror flick, and this time around, we're talking live-action anime rubber suit monster battles with 1991's The Guyver! Don't let the VHS box art fool you - Mark Hamill is NOT the titular character, or even on screen enough to warrant his face on the cover, but this was released at the cusp of the 90s, a time when everyone was trying to squeeze every last drop out of the withering Star Wars franchise. It's actually a selling point that Mark takes backseat to Screaming Mad George's rubber suit/practical effects obsession, and we get 6" kaiju duking it out with no energy weapons in sight (probably not enough budget for post work, oh well). It's 2018, let's get S U P E R K A W A I I together on this week's episode of Horror Movie Night!

We hope your god pukes guns and your beef jerky mankini is all shined up, because it's time to discuss the absolute insanity of ZARDOZ! The guys have mixed feelings about Sean Connery's boner powers and the questionable decisions made by everyone involved in this production, and need to work through a couple things. Join us in the Vortex for another episode of Horror Movie Night!