Episode 180: Smiley (2012)


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"We're talking the peak of Chat-Roulette..." - Brian

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Continuing last week's spectacle of cat abuse, we're setting sail for parts unknown with a killer mutant tabby and there's nothing to eat except champagne and cereal... and rat poison. You might have guessed it, we're talking 1988's Uninvited and man, what a ride. We are joined again by our resident Film Freak, horror handyman Kyle Kuchta, as we wax poetic about animal shelters, Clu Gulager's fake teeth, how much cats hate wine, and why you should never pick up strays. How much would YOU debase yourself for a suitcase full of dirty money? This is the question that burns within our psyches daily, but can finally elaborate upon with each other, this week on Horror Movie Night!

It's the day after Thanksgiving and everyone is feeling fat and terrible from all of yesterday's overindulgence, so fire up the boombox, pull on your loudest spandex onesie and let's sweat the evil out with 1987's Killer Workout (aka Aerobicide)! Scott counts the gratuitous dance sequences (with time stamps, you're welcome), Matt feels the burn, and Adam picks the most ridiculous slasher weapon ever. It's a wonder there was any coke left on Earth after the filming of Killer Workout, and if you haven't watched this one yet, you'll understand soon enough. Build your own dadbod with us this week on Horror Movie Night!

Some days, life really gets you down. No one believes you're a scientific genius, your coworkers laugh at you, you're chased by the friendliest wild dog ever... All because your mom caught you using your telescope to watching the neighbor girl strip down erotically to 50s music when you were a child. What's a guy to do?! Maybe inject himself with invisibility serum and molest his way through the remedial physics class at the local high school? Yeah, that sounds like a plan! If you haven't guessed, we watched 1990's The Invisible Maniac, and IT. WAS. AMAZING. If you're not hyped for this episode, there's no saving you, so you might as well choke on this subway sandwich here, cuz that's how we roll (while invisible) on Horror Movie Night!