Episode 189: Graveyard Shift (1990)


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"Stephen King is an adolescent horror guy, when you're too old for Are you Afraid of the Dark but your just not ready for Texas Chainsaw Massacre" - Brian

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You know you're from the Midwest when you're more disgusted watching a man eat a raw ear of corn like a goddamn savage than by the insane corn monster swallowing teenagers whole. Our 3rd listener submitted pick is CHILDREN OF THE CORN III: URBAN SACRIFICE (1995), and good lord is this movie good! This is 100% USDA organic HMN perfection in celluloid form, and we just can't say enough nice things about it. If you haven't seen it, THIS is the one that gets the show stamp of approval! Though we're left to wonder if Screaming Mad George has ever actually SEEN an ear of corn...

This week continues our streak of godawful early 90s sci-fi/horror as we dive brainfirst into a new technology called VIRTUAL REALITY and immediately get to cybering with any warm body nearby. That's right, we're discussing 1992's not-a-Stephen-King-adaption-even-if-the-posters-say-it-is The Lawnmower Man, and we have help from our new buddy, Jesse Cornett! Jesse, or as we like to call him, The Golden Voice, is an established podcaster himself and decided to slumbit with us for 45 minutes as we barely discuss the incomprehensible garbage that constituted a Stephen King adaption in the early 90s. We also discuss Jesse's set-upon wife, who watched this drek with him, and his Kickstarter campaign for an ongoing animated horror anthology show called Chilling Tales For Dark Nights. Come get your mind ripped apart by the Digital Godhead known as Jeff Fahey's hair, and enjoy the soothing tones of Jesse Cornett's Golden Voice on this week's installment of Horror Movie Night!

We talk about nose candy and its role in 1980s cinema quite often on the show, but Gary Busey really takes the cake in 1985's ill-advised Stephen King adaptation Silver Bullet. He and his teeth are all over the place, swilling Wild Turkey, souping up Corey Haim's wheelchair, giving him fireworks, and banging rando broads in the pre-Tinder days. Oh, and there's a werewolf we guess. Recorded with our good friend Stephen at Monster-Mania 39. Get hairy and haggard like us (and Gary Busey) this week on a Horror Movie Night!