Episode 20: Spookies (1986)


Leave your logic at the door and don't forget to wipe your feet, cuz this week we're discussing Spookies! From the worst birthday surprises to farting muck men, there was a lot of WTF to cover, but Matt kept Scott and Adam from wandering too far into the spookiest house of horrors 1986 cinema could muster. Grab the Beano, it's Horror Movie Night!

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"The Gremlin Rip Offs Ate Him. I must have looked away for a second" - Adam

More Incredibly Bad Films

Your hosts on Horror Movie Night normally review charming trash cinema....but not this week. No, this week, Matt subjected his cohosts to some serious punishment. You may even call him sick for choosing this one: 2003's straight-to-video dog turd S.I.C.K. (Serial Insane Clown Killer), aka The Room of slasher flicks. Tone deaf performances, non-existent budget (and eyebrows), bad plot, worse twist, but in the end, this MAY be a bit of a party movie, as long as there is heavy drinking involved. Note: this show does not condone overindulgence in controlled substances, but they may be helpful when consuming S.I.C.K. Get ready for slowed-down nursery rhymes, they'll be the last thing you hear before a fat bastard joyfully knocks your block off here on Horror Movie Night!

Continuing last week's spectacle of cat abuse, we're setting sail for parts unknown with a killer mutant tabby and there's nothing to eat except champagne and cereal... and rat poison. You might have guessed it, we're talking 1988's Uninvited and man, what a ride. We are joined again by our resident Film Freak, horror handyman Kyle Kuchta, as we wax poetic about animal shelters, Clu Gulager's fake teeth, how much cats hate wine, and why you should never pick up strays. How much would YOU debase yourself for a suitcase full of dirty money? This is the question that burns within our psyches daily, but can finally elaborate upon with each other, this week on Horror Movie Night!

The infamous LOST EPISODE is getting a second chance at life, and using it to spit oatmeal all over our blouses. That's right, we punished ourselves a second time with the ridiculous Evil Dead ripoff Demon Wind from 1990! Not since Marky Mark ran from a stiff breeze has nature been this stupefying (never mind that Demon Wind predates it by a couple decades, let us have our jokes). We are all dumber for having re-watched and re-discussed this one, but we do it for you, the listeners. Because we love you. There's also a heavy dose of self-loathing up in here, so don't mind the smell. SURPRISE!!!! It's Horror Movie Night!