Episode 200: Beetlejuice (1988)


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"This is going to be a celebration of what I can now firmly say is the best Tim Burton Movie" - Matt

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It's Listener Submitted Month, and we're kicking it off with a huge mistake on everyone's part, the abysmal BOOGIEMAN 2 (2007). Imagine everything you love about Dream Warriors, take away the charm, talent and budget, and maybe, just maybe you end up with this movie. Your hosts have about 1 compliment a piece for this one, and spend the rest of the episode in total regret for their life choices. Witness the misery inflicted by Horror Movie Night listeners all month, starting....NOW!

It's no secret we relish bad horror movies on the show, but sometimes even bad horror can be in bad taste. Take, for example, this week's urban clown demon mess KILLJOY (2000). Even with a runtime of just over an hour, this one was pretty painful for everyone, so thanks for that, Brian. Watching it as an anti-drug PSA at points may help viewers avoid smoking hell-joints that look like Pepperidge Farm Pirouettes or buying drugs from a pointy-toothed clown with stupid hair. Maybe. Get lit and listen to us try to unravel this low-budget mystery on another episode of Horror Movie Night!

Sometimes we here at Horror Movie Night make mistakes - after all, we're only human. Sometimes, that mistake is getting wasted on cheap champagne and reciting cursing in a graveyard; other times, it's watching the 8 Films to Die For's 2006 flick The Gravedancers. While the movie itself is pretty stupid, there IS fun to be had watching it in a group (ostensibly) or at least giving it the HMN treatment with your boys Matt, Brian and Scott. PSA, there's a giant fricking skull that chases a Jeep in the last couple minutes... that's all you need to know about this one.