Episode 202: The Curse III: Blood Sacrifice (1990)


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"I was forced to pick this!" - Brian

More Of the Absolute Worst Films We've Ever Watched

Some people are just careless with their money. Case in point, whoever funded the sixth (SIXTH!) installment in the Wrong Turn franchise, 2014's Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort. This movie is just gross, and not even in any sort of fun way, but the one shining spot is that Matt was able to successfully pawn it off to some sorry bastard at Monster-Mania like a cursed button that a crusty old Gypsy breathed on. Stephen Bay of Analog Jones joined us once again for this film, and then we all took bleach showers. Bring your siblings to this one, because, well, it's a pretty important plot point on this week's episode of Horror Movie Night!

We don’t wanna wait for this movie to be over…but like the killer kids it features, it just won’t die. For Brian’s first pick, he chose the painfully boring James Van Der Beek Left Behind knockoff The Plague from 2006. Do you like Children of the Corn, Village of the Damned, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Romero zombie films, and religious Armageddon? This movie borrows heavily from all of them but not the good parts, and even the “living” characters are portrayed as zombies. Bottom line, this is a snoozer of a movie but Matt and Scott are wide awake and do their best to snap Brian out of his Dawson’s Creek fugue state. Let us touch your face and steal your soul this week on Horror Movie Night!

hat hell hath HMN wrought? Upon Matt's insistence, a fan submission and our better judgment, the guys suffered through 2002's z-grade abomination Terror Toons. Watching this made one host giddy, while the others cursed the inventors of green screens and their own births. Hold onto your insane fake boobs and your nu metal CD binder, it's another episode of Horror Movie Night!