Episode 222: Octaman (1971)


We see a lot of amazing creature designs and practical effects on HMN, so sometimes it's nice to take a step back and see our SFX heroes' humble beginnings...like the ridiculously dumb Rick Baker monstrosity, OCTAMAN (1971)! More or less a lower-budget, less skilled retelling of the Creature From the Black Lagoon (written by the same guy), this one is 100% due to its moment of glory in Gremlins 2: The New Batch, so thanks for that, Brian. Between the three of us, we only have 6 arms to fight Octaman's 8, wish us luck!

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Quote of the Episode:

"This is 100% the entire plot line of Creature from the Black Lagoon" - Matt

More 70's Films

For our second October anthology movie, Brian once again shows how inscrutable his tastes are by hitting us with 1971's ironically bloodless THE HOUSE THAT DRIPPED BLOOD. After Matt and Scott rip this one to shred, Brian explains that he plans to start his future children with this kind of movie on their horror journeys; so basically his kids won't be horror fans after all...

Anyone who says disco is dead has obviously never seen disco-spoiltation vampire flicks featuring a belly-dancing granddaughter of Dracula (Nai Bonet), a geriatric Vlad with fang dentures (John Carradine), his previous girlfriend (Yvonne DeCarlo), Brother Theodore as a rapey werewolf, a male lead that basically looks like He-Man before the sword powers, and at least one Playboy model. NOCTURNA (1979) is... something, we guess? We tackle this one live at Monster-Mania with Marissa, the other half of the Jersey Ghouls, and then turn to cartoon bats as dawn breaks. Cue funky bassline!

It's time to do your civic duty and cast your ballot for a man who will keep his campaign promises, specifically if those include turning into a blood-thirsty lycanthrope and disemboweling crooked politicians. We dig deep into the vault for the 1973 horror comedy THE WEREWOLF OF WASHINGTON! Your hosts are joined this week by the illustrious Chris LaMartina, the mastermind behind one of our favorite recent flicks, the WNUF Halloween Special, and we get into some polite political discourse between riffing on the weird stuff that occurs in Werewolf of Washington (there's a lot). Scott also gets a little starstruck by Chris's film credits (heyyyy Call Girl of Cthulhu) - do you think the Pentagon is behind this??