Episode 241: Arachnophobia (1990)


Some people are scared of serial killers, some of ghosts, even others of aliens that steal your head (The Borrower is so underrated). But what about the people who fear a much more common antagonist? What if you have ARACHNOPHOBIA? Well, first you invite Julian Sands over as bait, then you get John Goodman to help clean up the murderous pests while suggesting house repairs. This one made your hosts feel a little itchy, hopefully you feel it too. We just wanted to share in the bother!

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Quote of the Episode:

"I have forgotten everything that happens in this movie" - Scott

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You kids and your suburban problems. You know what you need? A trip to the woods to rough it a little. Nevermind the pervy locals and weed-crazed bugs, you just need a change of scenery. Who's ready to grill? The guys are discussing 1993's gooey giant bloodsucking bug flick Ticks this week, and all of the burning marijuana plants and extreme close-ups of Clint Howard push Matt, Adam and Scott to the brink of sanity. Lose your mind on another installment of Horror Movie Night!

Longtime listeners know, there's one thing that always makes the hosts of Horror Movie Night happy - monster bug guts! What did you think we were going to say, you perverts? This week, Adam is called away on serious business (probably making maple syrup, eh?) so Matt and Scott go into anaphylactic shock over 2015's mutant wasp (NOT BEES) movie Stung. With no angry Canadian to keep them on topic, they spend a third of the episode talking about other mutant insects and how much better the powers they imbue their heroes with... Anything to avoid the implications of the larvae scene in this movie. Light a citronella candle and get out the Off spray, unless you want to have a giant sky demon burst forth from your mangled carcass, but hey we're not judging you here on Horror Movie Night!

We are joined this week by Podcast Brother Brian Kelly as we discuss Troma's attempt at an urban giant killer bug movie. The film has the look and feel of a film shot on a weekend but if you love seeing guys acting with an immobile bug puppet than have we got good news for you. We discuss 1997's BUGGED on this week's HORROR MOVIE NIGHT!