Episode 246: Blood Hook (1981)


The weather's getting nicer by the day, and that means one thing... it's fishing season in Wisconsin! At least, we guess it is; this really isn't an area of expertise for any of us, but we're banking on this week's movie as a beacon of fact and reality, 1986's ridiculous BLOOD HOOK. How many ways can a killer fisherman murder people with a gigantic floating hook? Not that many, if you can believe it. Whatever, get your life jacket and strap in for the same song to play continuously for 110 minutes of your life!

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Quote of the Episode:

"Blood Hook ... wussup wit dat?" - Matt


More Horror by the Water Films

What's big and green and will kill you with hand grenades? No guesses? It's Swamp Thing, the hero this wildly-inaccurate comic book adaption/sequel, RETURN OF SWAMP THING (1989)! While we love Jim Wynorski on the show, this one is a hard one to swallow, at least for Scott, who is an absolute Swamp Thing superfan. If you want explosions, we got em. If you want sex jokes, we got em! If you want rubber-suit monsters, well, baby, we got em! Get reborn the bayou this week on Horror Movie Night!

Listen, if you dig up the corpse of the guy who terrorized and traumatized you as a kid, stick an iron rod in his chest that then gets struck by lightning, reanimating said corpse, you might not want to try your hand at gambling. You may have noticed today's date, which informed Matt's pick this week, the immortal JASON LIVES (1986), one of the most enjoyable entries in the Friday the 13th franchise. If you were unimpressed with the fire circle in Octaman, Tommy Jarvis has a much more impressive one and it's on a freakin lake... Jump in, the water is crystal clear!

If you were wondering whether we're tired of meta horror yet, here's your answer: nope! Matt chose a real banger this week, the alien-frog-with-laser-eyes romp THERE'S NOTHING OUT THERE (1992). There are punks, bros, hot ladies, skinny-dipping, a ridiculous monster with even more ridiculous weaknesses, and even a boom mic getaway. This one is a cult classic for a reason, and it's save to say it checks all of the HMN boxes!