Episode 256: Deep Rising (1998)


We couldn't get enough of the cast of LORD OF ILLUSIONS, so we took a dive into the briny blue in search of slimy horror treasure with 1998's DEEP RISING! Packed to the gills with Famke Jannsen, the guy who played her creepy husband (?) in LOI, K-Mart Jeff Fahey (Treat Williams), Nick Nolte's body double (Anthony Heald), and a ton of awful CGI, you know we're swimming in bad jokes and wordplay. Dip your toe in (that's for the Tarantino's out there, wink), the water's fine!

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Quote of the Episode:

"This movie is 75% third act" - Matt


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Surf's up, it's time to KILL! Oh, and also get down to some sweet tunes on the sand with greasers wearing turtlenecks and leather jackets for some reason. We're talking the notorious HORROR OF PARTY BEACH (1964), replete with a beach band in matching outfits, a sock-free sockhop, mutated sea monsters, and the same boring scientists giving boring exposition to pad the runtime that you know and love from every drive-in movie ever! Get some sunscreen, it's gonna be a hot one.

Just when you thought it was safe to have scuba sex in a sunken cargo ship...If last week's discussion didn't get you wet, this week's might - along with chomping on your soft throatie bits because we're talking flying mutant piranhas (seriously) with PIRANHA 2: THE SPAWNING! This film is touted by James "Avatar" Cameron as the best flying killer fish movie of all time, and we're not here to argue that claim. Death to pescatarians!

Rounding out Listener Submitted Month, we head to the bottom of the ocean to shoot some hoops and get sexually harassed by Daniel Stern with 1989's LEVIATHAN! Robocop meets The Thing in the Abyss is all you need to know, but creature features with practical effects and some gnarly body horror are like abeetz (Brian's pronunciation of pizza) - even when it's bad, it's still good. There are a slew of bad decisions onscreen and off, particularly in the last 2min of the film, but discussing this one bright and early at Monster-Mania while Brian lounged seductively in bed was certainly a highlight of the weekend. Say AH, mother-effers!