Episode 261: Nightmare at Noon (1987)


Talk about false advertisement, this week's movie neither occurs strictly at noon, nor is it a true nightmare (except to 2 of your hosts' frayed nerves/patience), but here we are discussion the most Cannon Films film that was decided not a Cannon film: NIGHTMARE AT NOON (1988). It's got green-blooded crazy rednecks, a ton of explosions, and one of the Replicants from Bladerunner so.... shrug

Film Trailer

Quote of the Episode:

"This Movie was fucking so funny to watch. I Enjoyed It" - Brian

More Terrible 2020 Brian Picks

Nobody really thinks creepy kid movies work anymore, right? See that, Brian? Your decision to subject us to DEVIL TIMES FIVE, aka PEOPLE TOYS (1974) was a fool's errand, like trying to seduce a mentally-handicapped giant of a man while wearing sexy negligee… Or so we learned watching this week's movie. It's bad, so we have a couple things to say about it.

Once again, like the captain of Mario Bava's doomed spaceship, one of the show hosts has led his compatriots astray and he may not live to see another episode... Brian subjected us to the painfully stupid PLANET OF THE VAMPIRES (1965) which really has no vampires to speak of. This is definitely Colin Robinson's favorite movie to show his victims when he brings them back to the crib on Staten Island. Damn you, Brian!!

Do you like summer camp slashers? Are you so hard up for your horror fix that you'll watch literally anything even remotely similar to Friday the 13th? Well then you're in luck, because we got you covered with this week's absolute snoozer of a flick, BLOODY MURDER 2: CLOSING CAMP (2003)! While it may say it was filmed in '03, the clothes and hair of the "actors" involved screams 1999, so if you were in high school at that time, get a couch cushion ready to cover your awkward nostalgia boner. This one was another pick weaponized by Brian, and required us to do a movie pick intervention afterwards. Suffer with us once again on Horror Movie Night!