Episode 266: Crawlspace (1986)


We're not HVAC guys, but we're pretty sure most apartment buildings don't have air ducts big enough for a full-grown man to skateboard on his stomach through, and yet, here we are, watching THE Klaus Kinski do just that. We're talking CRAWLSPACE (1986) this week, and are joined by Joey Pettine of the fantastic Dark Hills Events; Dark Hills is a horror live action roleplaying company that creates immersive events where you get to try surviving your favorite horror movies! He's also a great guy and friend of the show, and has an odd love for Klaus Kinski, the once-great Nosferatu in Werner Herzog's adaptation... who plays a Nazi scientist who kills his tenants in order to feel alive in this movie. It's a weird one for sure!

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Quote of the Episode:

"The Box Art Was Better than the Film itself" - Joey

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Listeners, welcome to a new world - one where exposure to too many horror podcasts leads to a skinny little wiener popping out of your foreheads and everyone getting drenched in authentic KY Jelly(tm). There's also some odd sexual side effects, but hey, you're getting some, so don't complain. This week's pick is the delightfully gooey and weird From Beyond (1986), starring Jeffrey Combs, Barbara Crampton, and Bubba the Ex-Football Player. If this intro doesn't get you primed for action, then we don't know what will... Hope you don't mind some light bondage, and oh, the safe word is Horror Movie Night!

Little people getting work is very important to your hosts here on HMN, and this week, we celebrate their exploitation, er, triumphs with a magical discussion of the Charles Band classic TROLL from 1986! This oddly star-studded cast battles the forces of evil in the most charmingly childlike way and it's fantastic, so we spent the episode praising the Band family more or less. There's also a puppet singalong. Seriously. It's pretty awesome. Come hang out with our talking mushroom (no, not that one) on this week's episode of Horror Movie Night!

As everyone knows, beautiful female artists want nothing more than to rekindle the EC Comics art style and draw panel after panel of women in skimpy clothes and painfully obvious cold rooms terrorized by demonic hordes.... Right? Don't tell us that CELLAR DWELLER (1988) lied to us! Don't blink or you'll miss our boy Jeffy Combs doing his best Patrick Bateman impression in the first 5 minutes of the movie, but if you do, you can kind of fast-forward all the pointless character development in the middle and just get to the good stuff - a doe-eyed rubber suit monster wrecking all these art school weirdos' days and munching on their body parts. There's also a sweet decapitation, so you know your HMN boys are having fun on this week's episode.