Episode 268: C.H.U.D. (1984)


Holy shit, we're finally talking CHUD (1984) with the Podfather himself, Jonathan London of Geekscape fame! After years of begging, groveling and guilt tripping, Jon has decided to discuss this delightfully silly cult classic. Brian is especially happy about this, because he doesn't have to talk at all when Jon's around. He's about as elusive as the plot of this movie, see if you can follow him!

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Quote of the Episode:

"I wanna see your skeleton!" - Brian

More Mutation Films

It looks like Brian's movie pick intervention worked, because he chose a real banger this week: the forced-perspective gory goodness of GNAW: FOOD OF THE GODS 2 (1989)! If you've ever wanted to see a young boy swear a bunch in the first 5 minutes of a movie, now's your chance... You also get to see some people bang on a bed of arugula, synchronized swimming, and a naked man-ass chase scene. By golly, GNAW's got everything!

You flushed it, but this shit came back for more... See, we should be the ones writing taglines for mediocre sequels to beloved b-horror movies! It's another Matt pick, so of course he went for a killer animal movie, and since we've already done ALLIGATOR (1980), he chose ALLIGATOR II: THE MUTATATION (1991). This meh retread of the first film lacks the charm of the original, but it gave us a chance to think back fondly on how good its source material was. The movie might not be memorable, but our discussion is, since we have our boy Kyle Kuchta on to keep the cold-blooded comedy flowing!

Matt has waited 5 years to finally discuss one of his all-time favorite movies on HMN, and his cohosts are more than happy to revisit the insane FREAKED (1993)! The Kelly boys grew up on this over-the-top Alex Winter monsterpiece, and Matt insisted Scott watch it almost as soon as the two of them got to know one another. Thanks to everyone who has enjoyed the show over the last 249 episodes, we can't wait to make you laugh, scream and groan for another 250!