Episode 27: Monster High (1989)


The end of the world won't come in the form of Rick Moranis, but actually a guy in a sparkly trenchcoat sporting extreme coke nails and a penchant for underaged girls. Which is funny, because watching 1989's Monster High would make even the biggest horror fanatic wish for planetary destruction, just so they wouldn't have to finish it. Lucky for you, we watched it and are here as a cautionary tale. Bring your rolling papers for the monstrous weed plant and your Apple II to replace your dead pal's head, we're playing the Basketball Game of the Millennium on this week's Horror Movie Night!

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"Have you seen Monster High: New York, New York?" - Adam

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On the debut episode of Horror Movie Night, we discuss the Canadian Werewolf Horror/Comedy WolfCop. Adam (who last year championed this movie as one of the best he’s seen in a while) is deeply disappointed on his second watch, Scott still loves the film (although he only watched 2/3 of it this time around) and Matt is completely neutral.

Wake up to a dream within a dream about a mouthbreathing, galoshes-wearing, teen-killing weirdo that may just be your body's reaction to a bad chili dog from the cafeteria, cuz the HMN boys are taking on the ORIGINAL meta horror comedy, 1980s Student Bodies. On this day, we are all nonsensical murderers with a cold, poking fun at the first wave of slasher flicks and the dumb character decisions we all love to hate. Grab some paper clips and your second-favorite handicapped janitor for this week's Horror Movie Night!

Detention (2011) is a pretty simple plot to follow, it's just your typical meta-horror/comedy about time traveling teens battling a serial killer dressed as their favorite movie character. Along the way is some mutations, body switching and magnetic bear mascot. Confused yet? Well then join the rest of us. Adam's brain has straight up shattered leaving Matt and Scott to pick up the slack and figure out what the fuck we watched this week on Horror Movie Night!