Episode 271: Halloween H2O (1998)


It's no secret that Halloween is like Christmas for some of your HMN hosts (Matt's Christmas is literal Christmas, the little scamp) and this year, we're going back 2 decades to the millennium with a sequel/reboot that still holds up, 2000's HALLOWEEN H20! Purists may not fawn over this entry in the franchise, but ya bois at Horror Movie Night are big fans, so strap in for some praise for this less-obsessed-over installment that featured the return of Jamie Lee Curtis, as well as topical teen heartthrobs Josh Hartnett, Michelle Williams AND Jodi Lynn O'Keefe. Plus Joseph Gordon Levitt gets an ice skate to the face in the first 5 minutes!

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Quote of the Episode:

"It's just so engrossed in that Dimension Films era post-Scream Horror" - Matt

More 90's Slasher Films

Campy horror flicks that owe their existence to William Castle are hard to come by, and we've already talked HOHH99, so our fearless leader Matt finally pulled the trigger on one of his favorite forgotten gems, POPCORN (1991)! This one has way too many subplots, but makes up for it with 3 Castle-inspired movies-in-a-movie, and some truly bombastic practical effects. If you haven't seen this one, take the time to find a copy, it's a perfect example of the kind of movie HMN would make if we had any sort of budget...

Just when you thought it was safe to recycle the plastic from a supernaturally-possessed doll with a creepy smile, surprise idiot! More Chucky! This week's victim is CHILD'S PLAY 3 (1991) - it's a killer toy movie, so of course Matt picked it. Brad Dourif gives it his all as usual, so we do our best to keep up!

1998 was a weird time; so weird that Dee Snider somehow got funding to make a spiritual successor to REEFER MADNESS, but instead of the dangers of weed, have it be about the dangers of body modification. If you weren't aware yet, this film is the inimitable STRANGELAND... Brian's picks are bewildering, and this one is no exception, so strap in for bad tribal tattoos, suspensions, dick mods, nu metal and a hard-boiled cop story. Seriously, these are all things this movie leans heavily into.