Episode 272: Hocus Pocus (1993)


Amok amok amok! It's finally the best day of the year (Halloween, ya goobers) and we're continuing the HMN tradition of discussing a kid-friendly movie for the holiday with the one and only HOCUS POCUS (1993). One of your hosts is a wet blanket, but the fire of enthusiasm burns white hot in the other 2, which is more than enough to keep the Black Flame Candle alight until sunrise. Compliment our yabbos while you're at it, why dontcha?

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Quote of the Episode:

"The Bullies Sound More Like They're California Than Max" - Meghan

More Kid Friendly Halloween Films

It's Halloweentime again at the old HMN place, and the guys have once again agreed to subject themselves to an appropriately questionable kids' movie in honor of the best day of the freakin' year - this time around, it's Ernest Scared Stupid from 1991. It's no Spaced Invaders, but Adam and Scott have reservations, while Matt is, as usual, awashed in a golden shower of nostalgia. Bust out your miak, troll boogers, and weird multi-costume expositional montages, it's the annual Horror Movie Night Halloween episode!

We made it through Rocktober and there's only one way to top that - the spiritual successor to Teen Wolf, 1989's charming TEEN WITCH! While not all of the hosts may have had fun watching this one, at least one of them found a wellspring of joy in the magical escapades of the bookworm-turned-babe Louise Miller as she gains the power to turn frogs into sex slaves for Zelda Rubinstein, send date rapists to the Negative Zone, and bum denim jackets off of pop singers. Did we mention the multiple spontaneous dance numbers? Well now you know, so sit back and practice your "school sucks" raps, because it's Halloween on Horror Movie Night!

We're on the cusp of Halloween Weekend 2k17, kids, so we scrounged up a truly terrifying tale of thaumiel trickery to assail your aural appendices, a story of one child's harrowing nightly encounters with Howie Mandel in his bedroom. That's right, we're talking 1989's Little Monsters! This isn't a good movie, but really, we don't associate ourselves with those kinds of movies anyway, and Howie's cocaine freakout performance pretty much fits right into our wheelhouse. Thrill to scenes of Mr. Mandel tempting fate to explode his heart and a child drink urine. It's all here on this Halloweekend episode of Horror Movie Night!