Episode 279: Amityville 3-D: The Demon (1983)


In our continuing research into how bad 3-D can get, we tackle another movie no one asked for, in a series no one wanted, starring people who don't want to be on set. THE AMITYVILLE HORROR 3-D, aka AMITYVILLE: THE DEMON (1983) is a seriously bad movie that has little to no redeeming value, but we're gonna talk about it anyway. At least there's 3 seconds of a super sweet rubber suit demon that pops up in the last 5 minutes!

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Quote of the Episode:

"It was like a 3-D ride at Dutch Wonderland" - Brian

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It may be argued which HMN host loves Halloween the most, but this week, the crown goes to Scott, who picked a movie that actually occurs on Halloween, on top of featuring an insane amount of goop, head trauma, and topless 25 year old high schoolers. You know NIGHT OF THE DEMONS 2 (1994) is a good time (except for one scene) based on that description alone, so head over to Hull House with ya boys this October and let the holiday spirit possess you!

Another week, another Famke Janssen lead role, this time in Dark Castle's remake of the William Castle/Vincent Price classic HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL (1999)! This was discussed way back in the Reddit Horror Club days, so Scott decided it was time to bring in into the HMN library, much to Brian's dismay. Sure, the CGI is bad, Chris Kattan is annoying, and it's not nearly as good of a movie as the original, but it's got Jeffy Combs as a psychotic ghost doctor, Geoffrey Rush channeling Vincent Price through John Waters, and some amazingly surreal visuals. Oh, and Marilyn Manson's cover of Sweet Dreams. It's unacceptable that Brian didn't love this film. Unacceptable!

Just when you thought you had escaped the mediocrity of the Amityville Horror franchise, we remind you that things got really weird once the evil in the house started possessing random decorations. The clock is ticking, so join our discussion about AMITYVILLE 1992: IT'S ABOUT TIME! There's the dad from Monster Squad, the girl from PCU, and an old lady gets speared through the chest with a stork statue. Read that again. STORK. STATUE. KILL. That's about all we need to get a good episode out of this one, but rest assured, there's more to talk about than just that. But really. Stork statue kill.