Episode 35: Leprechaun 3 (1995)


The luck of the Irish totally snubbed Adam this week, and instead of watching 1995's evil munchkin-fest Leprechaun 3, he watched the original and then overslept. Matt and Scott snagged his missing shilling, picked up a hitchhiking magician's assistant and hit the jenkiest place on the Strip. Shitty limericks abound and the guys try their best to be witty without Adam's unique perspective on all things potato-and-booze related. In the words of Vince Vaughn - it's Horror Movie Night, baby... Horror Movie Night!

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"He didn't watch the right fucking Leprechaun movie" - Scott

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It's been a while since the last time we got to fawn over Phil Fondacaro's charm, so Brian did us the favor of picking THE CREEPS (1997), also known by the incredibly insensitive alternate title DEFORMED MONSTERS! Is this the worst acting we've ever seen on Horror Movie Night? Matt thinks so, but he also seems to forget about TERROR TOONS and DRIVE THRU... Watch as diminutive versions of the Universal Monsters terrorize people who took half of an acting class, possibly while drunk or half asleep. It's kind of like watching THE MONSTER SQUAD in the wrong aspect ratio. Or nothing like that at all, we can't tell anymore.

On another installment of "It's A Movie," your boys at HMN hit the beach and bring home some blood-thirsty mutant babies with Larry Cohen's classic (?) IT'S ALIVE 3: ISLAND OF THE ALIVE (1987). There's a whole lot of Michael Moriarty chewing scenery, some stop-motion really doing it for Matt, and some real Troma-esque rubber suit fighting under the pier near the end. It's got everything a summer blockbuster needs....right? Squeeze out some sunscreen for us so we don't get burned any more than we already did with this week's pick on Horror Movie Night!

We talk a lot about the diminishing returns of horror sequels, but the Leprechaun series is easily one of the worst offenders. Exhibit A: 1996's abysmal LEPRECHAUN4: IN SPACE. It's not even fun bad, it's just...low effort and cheap. I mean, the writers didn't even take the time to make Warwick Davis's lines rhyme! But never fear, your trusty tour guides through the shadowy world of questionable horror will take you by the hand and at least bring a bit of good out of this flaming dumpster fire of a flick. That's the Kelly luck o the Irish for ye this St. Paddy's!