Episode 41: Stagefright (2014)


Hey theater geeks, do you feel like you've been underrepresented in horror films? Do you demand to be killed off like the jocks that make your life miserable and the beautiful 27-year-old high school girls who won't give you the time of day? Then look no further than this week's pick, the sleek 2014 remake of Stage Fright! The guys are divided, as Matt and Scott were theater kids in their younger days and Adam was probably out smoking behind the school (or wherever kids go to do their tick-mutating marijuana cigarettes in Canada). There are spontaneous dance numbers, brutal murders, and some pretty obvious connections to Todd & the Book of Pure Evil. What more could you ask for? It's Horror Movie Night!

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"This was picked by Scott's Wife Meghan...She kinda picked it because Scott told her to pick it" - Matt

More Heavy Metal Horror Films

We knew there was one film and one film only that could take us through to the end of our month-long Rocktober binge and while it may be daunting, WE ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE. That's right, it's time to talk about the (in)famously nutty and absurd first film by the writer/director of Black Roses, Jon Fasano - 1987's Jon Mikl Thor vehicle ROCK N ROLL NIGHTMARE! There's hairspray for days, penis monsters left and right, bulging man muscles and every single woman was forced to get topless at least once during the course of the 83 min runtime. Plus some sweet, sweet hair metal and the ultimate battle between good and evil. This one must be seen to be believed, so go watch it and be changed forever, bub, and then join us for an all-out compliment fest for one of the greatest heavy metal horror masterpieces ever made!

When you least expect it, HMN will attack, there'll be hell to pay, we're back! We return to our regularly-scheduled heavy metal horror with some REAL rock and roll gore and one of the scariest VHS covers baby Scott ever saw at the drug store rental section in the 80s, the ridiculous ROCKTOBER BLOOD from 1984 (but looks like it was filmed in 1980). Watch this killer tale of hilarious twin hijinks and laugh to such knee-slappers as a guy smoking meth and a 2-year-old corpse with a perfectly clean, bright red bandana. Oh and a sweet soundtrack by the relatively obscure metal band Sorcery. Up the irons!

The time has come, my children. The sacred month of October is once again upon us, and the lure of heavy metal has taken over our teenage minds. We are enslaved by distortion, guyliner and falsetto vocals. We are... BLACK. ROSES. Coincidentally, that's also the name of the film we're discussing this week on HMN, and boy, what a way to kick off Heavy Metal Horror month! We will be discussing a different heavy metal horror movie each week in October, starting with this forgotten low-budget 1988 rockfest, in which the titular band invades a small town and turns the 30-somethings cast as high schoolers into various types of monsters. It's as goofy as it sounds, and there was enough hairspray used on set to pop a second hole in the ozone layer. This month is all about rockin' y'all.