Episode 5: Frailty (2001)


This episode of Horror Movie Night transports us back to the fantastic world of 2002, when Matthew McConaughey’s career was on fire, Bill Paxton was making housewives quiver, and the abundance of boy bands was a sign of the end-times. Our guest Rich barely gets a word in edgewise and adds us to his God’s Hand Killer list of naughty children; we discuss where we would like those magic hands to be placed. Listen to Horror Movie Night - it’s God’s will!

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Quote of the Episode:

"This is the 3rd time I've watched this movie and each time it loses some luster" - Scott

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Are you ready for a group of insufferable teens (?) to get mutilated creatively by a ridiculous plot twist? If not, too bad, because this week, we're talking Killer Karnivals From Outta Jersey, also known as 2006's DARK RIDE! Adam and Scott have so many questions, but Matt and the writers of this film ain't answering. Turn on all the lights, ignore the sticky body fluids that have been spilled all over the floor, and hop on this ride, cuz it's Horror Movie Night!

Have you ever scraped the bottom of the grease barrel at a minimum-wage, burger-flipping, hate-your-life job? Watching this week's film was a lot like that. The guys chew their way through 2007's killer clown flick Drive Thru, leaving them with a gross taste in their mouths and a case of the runs like you wouldn't believe. Bring your awful fashion choices and inappropriate racial slurs, as we troll an ICP wannabe, cuz that's how we roll on Horror Movie Night!